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Okay. I did it. Everything I intentionally wanted to move has been moved and the Old Server is officially turned O F F.

... now to see what breaks.

"Is that the one where you fish and house prices are expensive?"
-- my friend, re.

This song is, like, the ultimate "are you an 80s, 90s, or 00s kid" song, tho.

The 90s:

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Shoutout to the forty minute fire alarm we had going off in the office today.


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dance levels are 05% and falling

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Finally switched from Fever to FreshRSS for my RSS feed reading needs:

It's a bit less slick-looking (though, admittedly, Fever's interface had gotten *very* dated), but I do moost of my actual reading reading in Reeder, and FreshRSS's API is lightning fast.

(But, like. Godzilla is a fictional character created as a kind of personification of America's nuclear bombing of Japan--very definitely a moral choice that was made by Problematic Actual Humans--in a time when discussing that outright was banned. Whereas a dinosaur, even a fictional one, is... a dinosaur.)

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(Like, to be clear, that Discourse would be extremely stupid, but you could still reasonably *have* it and, I'm sure--though I'm not going to check and please don't confirm this for me--many people do.)

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(Like, more seriously, I saw this as tangential to kaiju fandom where, okay. You can *arguably* have The Discourse about whether Godzilla, for example, is "problematic" for stomping on Tokyo because Godzilla, arguably, is sometimes portrayed as having near-human or otherwise human-like levels of moral reasoning that animals, arguably, do not.)

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Like seriously Peak Tumblr Brainrot is having ~discourse over whether a predatory animal is "problematic" or not and, by extension, whether thinking tyrannosaurids are cool makes you a "bad person."

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So I just saw like a Villain Apologist Post for one the dinosaurs in Jurassic World and I need to fucking sit down.

Ugh. My favourite iOS text editor stopped working (and the updated version is on a very costly sub model).

Anyone have any recs? (Paid apps are totally fine; subscription models I’m less keen on.)

So on the one hand I love that they changed the battle and quest music for SHADOWBRINGERS because it really hits that "you're in an alternate world where everything is sort of familiar but not" note but, more importantly, the is the most Anime In The Late 90s shit I've heard in years and I unironically love it:


… starting to think it might actually be time to rebuild/refresh my webserver.

Once again reminded that Dank Mono is such a great font... I also had thought it "died" recently (i.e. the creator stopped selling it) but, lo! It's back!

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also I gave him FF12 claws like GOD INTENDED

#art #fanart #ffxiv #mastoart #creativetoots

not NSFW just suggestive

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