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Disappointingly, the Paperblanks dot grid paper is different to the one they use in their blank journals, and fountain pen ink bleeds through it (or at least the TWSBI + Noodler's does; my old cartridge Lamy was less obvious about it).

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Young Raziel comes across an ancient library, dense with magic and without a speck of dust to be seen anywhere as though it had been full of avid readers and loving caretakers only yesterday.

Who has two thumbs and just fried her keyboard by spilling water all over it?

This moth.

Also my dot grid Paperblanks notebook and EF Vac700R Iris arrived and look lockdown is hard and stationery is fundon’t lo o k a t m e

Mashed potatoes for dinner? No. Mashed POTATO.

Today in Real Life Adult Stories: yesterday, my friend was in a bidding war for an apartment. It got to the point where the agent called for "final offers." Friend thought the place might go for over $700k, but in the end decided she'd offer a final bid slightly under that.

At $699,000.

She won. Nice.

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Mission success!

Also fuck these a good fresh. In most shops they’re like a day or so old.

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No offense to Blade but everyone who's all like "Blade was the first superhero film with a Black lead!" uh. Y'all might need a bigger pentagram because SPAWN came out a year earlier...

The local bakery does bake-at-home stuff during lockdown, so it’s cinnamon scrolls day!

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RT @ShitUserStory
As a…
– Google Image Search user
I want to…
– be redirected to Pinterest
so that…
– I can use the modal overlay to create an account, to access the link to the Reddit post which has the Imgur link to the image I was looking for

I just saw a picture of a beetle on its back sitting on that weird IKEA hand couch and immediately thought "Gregor Samsa is bi culture" and modern life is entirely inexplicable, actually.

(Incidentally I am like 90% sure I used to actually have a quill feather dip pen, but I haven't seen it in years and I think it might've gotten tossed out with all my old junk when my parents downsized.)

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wtb quill/featuer fountain pen.

Not a dip pen, they're easy to find, but an actual fountain pen with a bigass feather on the end of it. Sadly it doesn't seem like they exist?

So the one thing I’ve had trouble buying this lockdown hasn’t been toilet paper, it’s been baby spinach.

I dunno what it is but apparently there’s a city-wide run on people buying out baby spinach.

Whomever invented that thing Windows laptops have where the trackpad has buttons but also defaults to registering a tap (or in fact any light brush of the finger) as a click was literally sent by Satan to sow discord on Earth.

Like, for e.g. DISCO ELYSIUM plays totally fine even if you cheat to give yourself max ranks in every skill. Even when that ends up with you getting contradictory narrative/dialogue options.

Champion is still FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, though, in which cheating to kill Caesar before you're even supposed to be able to get to his enclave breaks exactly nothing in the rest of the game.

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Ironically they actually say you can't/shouldn't ever get zero skillpoints, but that's exactly what happens. Which is why breaking games in cheaty ways is fun! It's always interesting to see which developers account for it versus which don't.

One of KM's main issues was Owlcat definitely has a tacit The Correct Way To Play This Game Is X kind of mindset, which resulted in a lot of the gamebreaking stuff people complained about. They got a scootch better about it over time, but...

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