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And in other news one of our staff is going to be late for a meeting because a swarm of bees has decided to take up residence in his doorway.

So I guess it's just One Of Those Days...

So not naming any names, but S O M E O N E escaped through the baby gate and had an exciting adventure in the front half of the house, culminating in eating half a roll of Mentos and costing us two days and $500 in vet bills.

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mashed potato levels are currently severe

(95%) ■■■■■■■■■□


It works! I can use my PS5 controller with on the Mac! No more having to stream the game from my PC via Steam!


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And then there were these beauties of trumpet #lichen after the rain
(does this still count as #mosstodon…?)

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OH: "I came here to move fast and break things, and i'm all out of move fast."

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current confusion levels are 49%

(49%) ■■■■□□□□□□

I also changed the nib on my second Iris to the 1.1mm stub (sadly just the "generic" appearance, not the Iris-look), and filled it with J. Herbin Amethyste de l'Oural (basically purple with a slight silver glitter) for Husband to write a note card for one of his staff.

I think he's now convinced I have some kind of Magical Fountain Pen Selection mojo (he has big handwriting and I don't think he's ever used a stub nib before).

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I have finally found an ink that does not bleed through my journal pages: Noodler's Bulletproof Black.

It's not as "black" as the X-Feather but it dries/fixes quickly, holds up reasonably to highlighting and, as mentioned and most importantly, does not bleed. So... winning.

I also tried the Pelikan Brilliant Black which was... honestly terrible? Grey and "splotchy", smeared under highlighter, *and* it bled. Do not recommend.

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In related news, I still don't love the Mildliners; the ink feels really meh compared to the Tombows, and it colors really streaky (fortunately the Tombow blender, of all things, can smooth out most of that, but...).

So they're okay for, like. Actual highlighting (single line/single color) and so on, but they're not my go-to marker, and I doubt I'll use them much once I expand my Tombow selection enough to replace them, color-wise.

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Still working out how to make monthly spreads useful, so keeping it simple for now…

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So given the crossover quest in FFV was what got me playing again, it feels fitting to come full-circle...

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