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Like the Venn diagram of "people who constantly humblebrag about working 10+ hour days" and "people who want to waste my fucking time with bullshit" is not *totally* a circle but it is *very* close.

(FWIW some people are just like legit workaholics, but they tend not to be the ones who whinge about it non-stop. *And* respect other people's time while they're at it.)

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So because of Reasons I am on a fairly strict 40-hour-a-week contract, and it's amazing how much more people respect your time when you respect it yourself...

"Oh, you're doing 70 hours? Have you tried just telling people you just go home at 40 and if they want you to do things they should not waste your fucking time with bullshit?"

(I am aware this is not an option for many people, but fellow white-collar knowledge workers I am talking to YOU.)

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saying "that really funges my tokens" when something pisses me off

Someone’s ears are very soft and someone is very tolerant of me petting them…

Today in Cursed Knowledge I learned that the CEO of Goldman Sachs is an EDM DJ.

"What does it matter how it's pronounced?"

It matters to all your Hindu/South Asian coworkers, trust me, because they all roll their eyes at me behind your back every time you say it wrong.

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This one goes out to every whiteboy in infosec who pronounces it "Kally."

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Also, most importantly, why is Young Cid wearing cable-knit leggings???

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- wtf is supposed to be up with the WoL and Cid's goggles?

- I'm glad they started separating out the finales into a Duty followed by a Trial (and put all the cutscenes in run-up solo missions), because even solo Prae was a PitA

- LahabreaD, lol

- the game is a bit *too* self-conscious that all its bullshit chore quests are, like, bullshit (it's still doing this as of ShB and I still dislike it, but at least the other Scions are there to whinge with you).

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Finished replaying ARR on NG+ last night (the first time through I, uh, did not read a lot of quest text), and:

- man the voice acting in this was, like... bad (fun fax: the first time through I actually switched to Japanese with subtitles so I didn't have to listen to it and only switched back halfway through SB)

- Alphinaud is such a little shit, lol

- I was still surprised at how dark it got in places

- I definitely got more out of ARR post-ShB than I did first play.

To this day I do not understand the Windows Defender Firewall dialogue; the wording of it just feels so ass-backwards from what I would expect...

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Also lol at half the comments being Japanese versions of "who's still listening to this in [year]!!!!"

People really are just people, everywhere.

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🎵 [cw: flashing lights, passing references to suicide]

Hair Game: Extreme.

til Y'shtola and Sera Dragonage have the same voice actress and she's also in Doc Martin and I don't think I can cope with this knowledge...

Also need to do a side-to-side colour equivalence chart between the Tombows and Mildliners, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one…

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