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Every year what remains of blogging seems to return closer and closer to the format of the Ur blog, by which I of course mean #!/user/bin/girl:

That girl was both ahead of her time, and also REALLY ahead of her time...

Suddenly reminded of the fact that I was in my mid-thirties before learning that my Uncle John’s first name was actually Eric.

Writing a Mastodon toot importer for WordPress is like two hours coding and eight debugging the WordPress API.

On the plus side, it should now mostly work and not import the same post four thousand times because I always forget how wp_cron works.

On the minus side, I’ve remembered I need to fix my Tumblr crossposter so it doesn’t choke on images any more (which would, ironically, involve ripping code out of the now-no-longer-used Mastodon-Tumblr crossposter). Eh. Tomorrow job.

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basically all modern software depends on the fact that a few hundred unpaid volunteers keep it running while giant corpos run around breaking everything constantly

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So in other news, multiple unrelated people gave us dried lime slices for Christmas and I was like “wtf am I going to do with all these lime slices?” until I realised they are freaking amazing in tea (and soda water).

So now it’s like… Imma gonna have to go out and buy more dried lime slices soon hey.

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Barenaked Ladies voice:
It's been
one week since '21

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hair gel levels are currently at 81% but fluctuating wildly

(81%) ■■■■■■■■□□

So I ordered a new wood-topped sit-stand desk in November and it still hasn’t arrived. When I asked the manufacturer apparently it is on its way but has been “delayed at sea” which is like… the most 2021 vibe ever.

ME: (picking up parcels from Mum's house)

MY MUM: Dad got so excited, he thought it was going to be his new slippers.

ME: No. Just, like. Beach towels with pictures of the devil on them.

MY (70 YEAR OLD) MUM: Oh. Cool stuff.

I say this because he tends to sneeze after he jumps down from our lap, kind of as a joke, but also unsurprisingly it can, indeed, be a real thing:

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current eye liner levels are 71%

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

So I legit think my dog is allergic to humans.

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Materializing a Supernova attack on the tip of my index finger like Frieza when I see a maskless person coughing in public

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