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I'm sure there was an easier way to know the answer to this, but I did computer science, not maths, so...

Every time I walk into the apartment gym to find some Boomer blaring talk shows at max volume on every TV I think of that “you are not the protagonist of this grocery store” Tumblr post…

Like, obviously it wasn’t actually about that: it was because I was Writing The Pairing Wrong according to this person’s preferred headcanons/idfics, which ironically I knew because I’d read a lot of said fics and enjoyed them.

But yeah never not loling over the music thing. Like… it wasn’t even a “hdu write Pairing as Problematic” (which would have at least been relevant) it was like… “hdu have different taste in music than me.”

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Thinking about that time some kid tried to start fandom beef with me by making a vaguepost accusing me of having pretentious taste in music because I put in a lot of music references in a fic…

… about a character who canonically plays music, used to be in a band, and comes from a family of musicians.

Like, uh. Okay?

FRIEND: (talking about playing semi-pro volleyball) … and I was both the shortest *and* the heaviest and still had the best vertical jump height.

HUSBAND: (nodding sagely) Stronk chonk.

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So my husband went to a whiskey tasting and came home with a bottle of what is basically just expensive Baileys and gosh it is nice in a choccy milk...

*eye twitch*

I deleted most of my old legacy G Suite accounts months ago, like an idiot, and upgraded my main one to paid.


So Jay Chou got like fifteen minutes of fame among western nerds when he released "The Orcs" in the early 2000s (back when it was still unusual to see "mainstream" pop culture about videogames).

Then this song popped up the other day in a reposted TikTok and I'm like... hey, I know that guy...

Today's grind.

Big shout-out to Enbarr for dropping on the first go, because I am not good at Whorleater (and died three times to falling off the platform).

Watching an LP of CHAOS GATE while I farm Diadem in and one of the main characters in that has Y'shtola's VA...

Today’s musical wormhole brought to you by… whatever this is.


Yes! Yes more! More of this!

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