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Don't Lie To Me About Web 2.0

> I want a decentralized internet to come back more than anybody, but blockchain is completely irrelevant to that.

… markers are hard to photograph and also E53 was definitely not the right colour for skin. Oh well.

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saltiness levels are 58% and falling

(58%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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Unironically vibin'.

Also just set fire to a container of instant ramen. Prayers everyone else's day is going better than mine. 🙏

I never did try and swim under the barrier.

But I sure do remember the feeling of holding my breath at the bottom of the pool, staring at the spectre of my own mortality, circa twelve or thirteen years old.

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It was quite deep, but I could *just* each the bottom of the pool to stare under the gap. I kept thinking that if I pushed myself, just a little bit, I'd be able to swim underneath it. How cool would that be?

Except for the part of me that *knew* I wouldn't make it; that I'd get stuck under the barrier, and run out of breath. No matter how packed the pool was, how long would it take someone to notice I hadn't come up for air?

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At around twelve or thirteen, I ended up at a local public pool; for a birthday party or swimming carnival or somesuch. It was a big Olympic-sized pool that had been partitioned off in the middle; kids on one side, lap swimmers on the other.

The barrier that they used to do this was maybe about a foot wide, and a foot and left about a foot and a half gap between it and the bottom of the pool.

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When I was a kid, we had a pool. I wasn't the best swimmer in the world, but I watched WATERWORLD at a formative age and spent a lot of time swimming underwater pretending I had gills. I ended up being able to hold my breath for a pretty long time.

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anime levels are currently at 96% but fluctuating wildly

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Now that Tumblr's queue no longer seems to have a limit on posts, the true question becomes how much queue *is* too much?

Today my mum messaged me asking if I had a selfie stick and I died a little inside.

(I don’t, FWIW.)

Hot take but if you're going to write an article about people burned by the crypto implosion, but you're still calling what they did "investing"? Then you're part of the fucking problem.

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The bag is a bag of holding we call the Carrion-On Bag because it's where the Gyre stores all the rotting bones it eats.

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