I really want to switch to Linux full-time, but gaming keeps me here on Windows (I guess there have been LEAPS and BOUNDS of progress since I first attempted to switch over in 2014, buuuuut)

Is a combo of , , and a viable Steam-And-Windows alternative for someone who is, at best, an enthusiastic sophomore with ?

I'm still relatively inexperienced with Linux myself, I just finally switched to Ubuntu 18.10 a month or so ago, but I did want to mention that there's a Linux steam client without the use of Wine. Although still limitations on which games will run. But I have, indeed, heard a few people use the setup you mentioned to work with a Windows-functional version of Steam.

@vrysius I’m nervous lol 😬 I don’t play a huge variety of games, but rather lots of hours in a few games that I like. Do you know anything about mod support via Wine or the Linux version of Steam?

Unfortunately, no. Some digging suggests it highly depends on the game, but I ran into some comments that mentioned the steam workshop works fine in Wine and the Nexus Mod Manager works fine in a virtual machine. Also you can pass the Wine drive to a virtual machine and operate it like Windows, too.

Not that I love referring people to reddit but /r/linux_gaming might have a lot of answers for you before you put the work into setting it all up.

@vrysius awesome! Thanks for that, it sounds like the level of modding I’d be looking at is very doable. There seems to be a looooot more support for Linux gaming in general than the last time I tried.

@alpine_thistle If nothing else, dual booting could be a feasible solution to particularly stubborn games. I've been meaning to set up a dual boot system so I can main on Linux and then switch over to windows when I feel like playing Skyrim or something, but I've been too lazy to bother setting it up, lately.

(It's not particularly difficult, but I've been meaning to start from scratch and rebuild things at the same time, and eh, maybe later.)

@ToonLink I’m technically already dual-booted, but I use Linux for almost nothing right now, since I haven’t revised my setup since... before my last depressive episode... it’s a mess lol

Skyrim was my main game when I built the thing but I haven’t played it in ages, so it’s less of a priority now

@alpine_thistle as someone who both games and spends most of their time using linux professionally... no, don't game on linux.

like, I run my work linux install in a VM, that's how much I don't want to deal with either A. dual-booting, or B. trying to game on linux. not worth the effort imo.

@alpine_thistle I've done Wine at various points, haven't tried Proton yet... There always seems to be a reason - often singular - to go back.

Maybe now's the time...

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