You know what we need to bring back? Tunics. They’re a better summer option than either shorts or dresses because 1) shorts are nonsense wear and 2) not everyone wants to wear a dress, but a tunic combines the chill androgyny of shorts with the nether-ventilation of dresses. We could wear them Roman-style with a belt and sandals. WHO’S WITH ME.

@alpine_thistle why are shorts nonsense wear though? They’re like skirts except you don’t have to worry about people seeing your goods if you sit wrong.

@alpine_thistle @lindentreeisle How dare you insult the good name of SHORTS (which I may or may not be wearing this instant)!

@lj_writes @lindentreeisle I don’t like the feeling of my calf/thigh skin rubbing against each other when I sit down or peeling my sweaty legs off chairs! Shorts are bad!!!!

@lj_writes @lindentreeisle bring it, my cuffed jeans will keep me safer than your shorts will

@alpine_thistle tunics are alive and well in the subcontinent of india. we call them kurtas, but they're not quite androgynous. still v good and highly recommended, tunics are the shit!! :)

@alpine_thistle I'm not sure where you are but pretty much any indian clothes shop will sell them. glad I could help :)

@alpine_thistle I'm regularly wearing a kilt these days (with pockets!), but it still involves the tightness, and therefore hotness, of a belt… I'd definitely try a tunic, or even a toga!

@alpine_thistle H*ck yes tunics rock! *AND* I'd be able to gird my loins if absolutely necessary!

@alpine_thistle at my age I‘d prefer a toga. Those Romans sure had a great sense for fashion.

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