I wish Duolingo would stop making me translate this sentence

@alpine_thistle I never get the really weird sentences that people say Duolingo comes up with. I thought that they were ended when they started having humans write the courses instead of using computer generated sentences in the original "recaptcha but for translation" version.

The weirdest sentence I remember getting is "mi perro no usa pantalones", which is like, accurate.

@tparadox sometimes you get weird sentences, but like... normal-weird. “Las vacas están abriendo una caja de chocolates” (possibly wrong Spanish lol) was a fun one

@alpine_thistle maybe we're in different units. I got each unit to level one last year and this year I'm maxing each unit before moving on. I'm just tired of stuff like "Fernando, tu no eres estudioso" and "¿Las tiendas están abiertos ahora?" Something bizarre about animals would liven it up.

@tparadox I’ve been maxing out the lessons as I go. I’ll have a few active at a time on different difficulty levels, and I’ll gradually finish them up and start a new one.

@alpine_thistle There's some straight-up Night Vale shit right there. o_O

@alpine_thistle Italian DuoLingo is fascinated by death. So many sentences that sound menacing.

@alpine_thistle Also, that translation depends on what meaning of "collect" you're going for (to collect, as in stamp collections; or to collect, as in gathering or fetching items). for the first one "coleccionan" works, but for the later "colectan" would be more correct :3

@raspberry_boy “coleccionar” was one of the new verbs from that lesson so I think that’s the one they wanted me to use hahaha. But thanks, that’s a good tip!

@alpine_thistle Yeah, I guessed that, but I wanted to let you know that "collect" can be are separate words depending on the meaning. Also, depending on the dialect of Spanish, "colectar" might not be the correct word, "recolectar" and "recoger" would be more correct in the dialect where *I* live, though people will still understand what you mean. Languages are complicated ;w;

I get parrots in Latin.

Psittacum ebrium et impium habeo.
I have a drunk and nasty parrot.

@AspiringLuddite @alpine_thistle WTF. This is clear evidence that I need to step up my Duolingo game, I have not gotten deep enough to get the weird shit yet.

@alpine_thistle 😂 LOL! That's even worse that translating that damn cat which has a house and a car (and I don't)

@alpine_thistle That is...far more spoopy than the German weirdness I get--my favourite are the sentences about 'die heilige Kartoffel'.

I did have 'Mein Präsident hat kleine Hände' a couple times in the Politics modules, and I'm pretty sure that was written by a human.

@alpine_thistle I don't understand the meaning of this sentence... xD

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