Wokabulary that I wish people would stop using: folx (or “folxs” as I saw one time and have not known peace since that day)

“Folks” is already gender-neutral!!! “Folx” is a tiresome shibboleth that fills no niche that does not already have a perfectly good word to fill it!!!

@alpine_thistle YES i have been dying on this hill for years!! there is no need for "folx" whatsoever - folks & people aren't gendered!!!!

@alpine_thistle can I delete this so I can unlearn folx??

@alpine_thistle I've mostly seen “folx” used specifically as a collective noun for trans/NB/NGC individuals, as opposed to “folks” which includes cis people as well, and in that context it's a lot shorter than saying “[fellow] trans, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming people.”

@nicepersonality I’ve seen lots of meaning-creep away from that in recent years, to the point where it seems to mean “people, but with a more radical spelling.”

@alpine_thistle I mean, if you’re cis and only referring to groups including at least one cis person, “folx” isn’t a redundant neologism—it’s an incorrect one. But it’s a handy distinction for me in conversations with other folx.

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