I used to be in favor of “homesteading” but on further reflection it’s just clueless white people at best and straight-up fascists at worst

“Gardening” and “DIY” are normal non-dogwhistle words but “homesteading” and “self-sufficiency” send up extreme red flags

@alpine_thistle I have read the Little House books so many times that "homesteading" immediately makes me think Homestead Act, which makes me think about the US government giving away land they stole from natives, which makes me think about genocide. So yeah, the term "homesteading" suggests to me that the people who use the term are either proud of this history, or ignorant of it, neither of which is a good look.

@lindentreeisle exactly. Also “self-sufficiency” and “self-reliance”: does this mean they buy 5 products to avoid buying 1 product (ignorant but whatever), or does it mean they fear the government taking their guns and vaccinating their children (yikes)

@alpine_thistle @lindentreeisle even if their threat model is ecological collapse or w/e rather than "the government", "self sufficiency" means they don't understand how neighbors and community are supposed to work.

@mcmoots @lindentreeisle on the off-chance they do, then they usually foresee themselves making a community with other like-minded(TM) self-sufficient(TM) traditional(TM) homesteaders(TM)

(white. white, hetero, and able-bodied.)

I prefer they call themselves survivalists. That way we're all on the same page as to what kind of ass they are.

@lindentreeisle call themselves self-sufficient off-the-grid homestead survivalists but they still have a patreon lol

Racist history 

@lindentreeisle @alpine_thistle sounds like the homelands act in south africa, by which the government stripped citizenship and land of black people and forced them to become citizens of so-called "homelands" so that everyone could be "separate but equal", "preserve culture and language by developing separately '

Racist history 


Oh yeah, yup. That's a super great association too.

@alpine_thistle this is such a vibe
I grew up in New Hampshire so the "homesteading" thing was absolutely rampant and it was terrible lmao
Everyone who wanted to homestead was a libertarian who had 500 guns and legally couldn't stop being racist

It sucks because it's like they're all one small step away from being anarchists but they just refuse to consider any of their biases and think critically about anything they do

@wgahnagl yeah my dad is one of those “the government is coming for our guns” people, but fails to realize that, as a career military officer, the government owns his ass and ALREADY tells him what to do

And so many of these “homesteaders” give me the same vibes as my dad. Patriarchal feudalism fetishists who take “wearing sunglasses in the car” selfies for all their hottest twitter takes tbh

@alpine_thistle noooooooo oh my gooooooood that's such a colossal pain in the ass, every man in my girlfriend's family is like that I totally feel for you

The worst thing about it is that they're always exactly one second of self-reflection away from realizing that they're completely morally inconsistent.
But they absolutely refuse to ever do that.

feudalism fetishists, sunglasses in the car, I'm breaking out into hives, half of my friends from middle school grew up to be this lmao

@alpine_thistle and the worst part is that I... Really Want To Go Back lmao
New Hampshire rules, and if you live there once, it's like you're soul bound to it, and you absolutely categorically have to return to it and build an a-frame house and get a dog, just like every shitty racist "homesteader" that lives there too

Like, there's nothing I want more than to be able to walk around in the woods, grow a potato, buy a solar panel, and go to bed.

but the shitty homesteaders have ruined that.

@wgahnagl yeah, same in a way :/ I’d love to move back to Washington and live in the mountains, but like, We Live In A Society, my household needs infrastructure for health/career purposes and I can grow a potato in my urban yard just fine

@alpine_thistle 👀 washington is an absolutely superb state, I'll meet u there lmao
let's make a funky commune that's ridiculously accessible with gigabit internet because I need that too lmao

like, I feel like everyone deep down wants to just.... live in a nice community of people who care about them.... and look at trees... and plant things in good dirt....

and then homesteaders take this really peaceful desire to watch things grow, and then channel that through turbo racism

@wgahnagl yeah I hate-read his twitter and it’s like... if they could only see what this looks like from the outside, goddamn it. They live in this persecution bubble where they and their “clean-cut” family are the LAST BASTION OF CIVILIZATION against the hordes of [whatever The Liberals supposedly want you to do today] and no amount of real facts can get through

Whenever I see a man with those hiking shoes or a tucked-in polo shirt in the wild, I go ❌👀 fash alert!!! 👀❌

@alpine_thistle HUGE AGREE, LOOORRRDDD

it makes me cry, I hate it so much
and when you're "homesteading" 900 miles from civilization, and you've never talked to a black person in your life... you can demonize them all you want, because no one can ever prove you wrong 👀

I wish I could smash it, like
this is the shit that the free staters are up to, it's like they're just rock hard for being monarchists and shooting people

@wgahnagl fucking yikes, fuck those people and also that geek ass loser who founded it

It’s really telling that they aren’t secure enough in their lifestyle to just stay put and be paranoid weirdos in their own states, they have to BAND TOGETHER with other paranoid weirdos

@alpine_thistle but it's so sad because they're... looking to be in a community... of people who understand each other... and thrive off of their local networks of mutual aid... it's like they're Just Anarchists who categorically refuse to stop being racist, and don't understand how mutualism is supposed to work at all

it makes me so upset, I wish I could do something to get them to snap out of it, but it's impossible

@wgahnagl their hatred for people they deem “undeserving” is more powerful than than their desire for community

@alpine_thistle exactly !!!
I can't understand how people miss the point so hard!!!

@alpine_thistle it makes me so sad that I can't watch gardening videos without coming across weird "self sufficiency" stuff that makes it seem like people shouldn't support each other.

My dream is to live in a commune where we help each other and do a lot of DIY stuff, but my motivation is more for the community aspect and trying to kinda make a little "safe space" away from capitalism (to some degree).

I'd also want to grow most of our food, share skills with the members like mending clothes, fixing furniture etc.

It really weirded me out how the "self sufficient" type really focus on supporting themselves and their family only. Humans are a social species and I feel like the best way to go about things is to help each other. The only problem is, bigger society is capitalist so to have this type of thing its necessary to make your own little communities :'(

@alpine_thistle I've thought about it a little more once I posted this, and I realised another big difference between the fashy "self sufficiency" types and commies/anarchists who'd want to live in a commune.

Self-sufficiency would be about buying a lot more things so they can have them for themselves and not share, but a commune would be about sharing to reduce the need for things. A big reason I'd want to live in a commune is because I love growing plants and I'd want to share my produce with people. I hate cooking but I love growing food... So someone else can help me cook what I grow. If we want some expensive gaming set-up, we won't need one for each person, we could all share. Same with skills, not everyone knows how to fix computers or fix clothes, but together we can help each other and reduce the need to buy more.

@Some_Person honestly I’m pretty skeptical of communes, just for the same reasons that I’m skeptical of other small, closed communities. More vulnerable to culty shit, interpersonal abuse, lack of access to outside services, etc. Obviously not all communes are like this but “ours will be different!” is never enough for me to be 100% on board. It’s kind of like imagining your “dream house.” Cool concept, problematic in execution.

@alpine_thistle oh yeah, it kinda weirds me out when communes don't let you have a job outside... It kinda seems more like a cult at that point, even if everyone is nice, you kinda become dependent on it. I think when I say commune I mean more like "bunch of friends living together and helping each other with cooking/DIY" but I'd want everyone to be able to have their own money and outside jobs (if they want to and can get one), just with an extra little bit of community. If someone can't get a job they'd be supported, but it would definitely be encouraged to have one to reduce dependency.

@alpine_thistle I remember someone on here pointing out that the term "homesteading" has its history in settler colonialism, and I've never been able to look at the word the same way since.

I prefer the phrase "subsistence farming" which is a lot more neutral and doesn't have those weird isolationist overtones. Does homesteading have another meaning, outside of claiming land/ranching? Sorry, I've just never known it refer to anything but that.

@bikerchick @InvaderXan “homesteading” is kind of a trendy buzzword that people use for gardening, DIY, having chickens, that kind of thing, when they’re treating it like a ~cool lifestyle choice~ and not just... a thing that people do all over the world.

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