Me, texting my dad a picture of a bump I found on my foot: what do you think this bump is

My dad, a doctor: gross

@alpine_thistle your dad: it is my official medical opinion that that is yucky

@alpine_thistle I wince when I think of all the pictures of yucky growths, rashes etc. that doctors & nurses must be getting from their loved ones, especially these days 😂

@lj_writes lol when I was a kid I vividly remember going with my mom to eat lunch in my dad’s office, where he had a bunch of pictures of gross tropical diseases and shit hanging up, and I wanted more food but I had to walk past a picture of some kind of eye lesion to get it and I was too afraid

So he can be mildly grossed out by a picture of my foot now and again hahaha

@alpine_thistle I guess you were never meant to follow in his footsteps XD

@lj_writes it’s funny (or not) because I’m like really interested in medical stuff as a layperson, but I have no desire to go through the grueling and/or hypercompetitive process of becoming any kind of healthcare worker

@alpine_thistle I really think medical knowledge and training should come in more shades than "nearly broke yourself studying and training for the better part of a decade before being plunged into grueling work conditions" and "who the fuck are you, unqualified peon?" There should be tiers between that, with less prestige & income, sure, but also fewer demands. It would go a long way toward spreading out the burden on the small pool of medical personnel & providing community-based care.

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