Ohhhh we tried out the “cloud coffee” that’s been popular on the internet and it’s everything I ever wanted in a coffee drink tbh

@alpine_thistle this looks like paint from the bottom of the tin. I'm going to search for "cloud coffee" soon because I have no idea what's popular on the Internet tbh, but this is my rection video (first viewing!)

@moopet it’s really good. Basic recipe is 1 tablespoon each of sugar, instant coffee, and hot water, and you whip it up with a whisk until it has a stiff meringue texture. It works better if you do about 3x the amount at once.

@moopet oh—you serve it on top of a glass of milk. I’m doing it cold but you could probably also do it hot (it might melt and not be as frothy though)

@alpine_thistle This picture made me want to look up that video I kept seeing that was talking about it, and she tried it with matcha and cocoa, too.

I don't have instant coffee, but the matcha looked good, so I made a very small amount (1 tsp each) with a stevia sweetener and (unsurprisingly) it didn't fluff up, but it sure made a really good syrup that mixed perfectly with some milk instead of clumping up like it usually does when I pour straight matcha in!

Gonna do this from now on.

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