I am SO tired of all these sentimental “times are hard :))) we’re in this together :))) here for you :)))” TV commercials I’m seeing

Like seriously????

@alpine_thistle same here but for emails from every group I’ve been in. I thought I was being ridiculously and horribly callous and that someone else might need that encouragement, so have been trying to banish that thought for days.

@alpine_thistle So, that means ... that you're still watching TV? :)

@esureL @alpine_thistle seems many people still do, I just consume TV series, movies and documentary, but only on demand. I think this changed 14 years ago.

@utzer @esureL we have various streaming services, some of which have commercials. (Most of them are actually my MIL’s accounts, lol.) My wife likes to have TV on as background noise, so I end up seeing a lot of commercials

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