Hi plant people, please tell me wtf to expect with this raspberry bush (yes I know my trellis is janky)

I bought it last year as a dormant cane in a cup. The bush is now putting up a lot of new canes, and there’s not a single leaf on last year’s canes. The question that I haven’t been able to answer via googling is this: do raspberries put out new primocanes before the floricanes grow new leaves, or are my floricanes fucked? Is it supposed to do this??? Pls I just want berries

@alpine_thistle Raspberry canes are distinctively brittle when dead, so what I would do is try trimming an end of the old canes to check.

According to Czech gardening sites, raspberries either fruit on this year's or last year's canes, depending on whether they're an early or late variety. The canes that have fruited die over the winter and new ones grow from the roots. So... cautious optimism?

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