Hi friendly reminder that chiropractic (chiropractice? chiropraxy?) is pseudoscience and “good chiropractors” might as well be physical therapists, massage therapists, or something else with actual evidence and meaningful regulations behind it

@alpine_thistle I'm always surprised how many generally science minded people don't know this.

@alpine_thistle but damn do I love being crunched.

There's this one adjustment where they literally pull your head away from your hips real fast to stretch your back and they check your knee reflex right after to make sure they didn't paralyze you I guess? After seeing that adjustment my mind is all "that is the scariest thing, but I also want it really bad"

@alpine_thistle My mom finds it very beneficial for her back pain, which I've always found weird. But I have no idea what else she tried that didn't help, and has never espoused and weirdass ideas or suggested she thinks chiropractors can cure or treat anything but back pain, so I've never really brought it up with her.

There's nothing new about a society hewing to a stupid medical idea for decades based on slick marketing, but it's depressing that it keeps happening. Humans are dumb.

@lindentreeisle I guess there’s some evidence for it helping with back pain, but it’s also not like... better than evidence-based medicine. And it’s definitely not useful enough for so many people to be so into it

@alpine_thistle Yeah, totally! I mean, you'd really need to rigorously compare it to results from more evidence-based therapies to get a meaningful idea of whether it might be a good alternative for any given individual. I somehow doubt that's happening much.

My mom is a good example, I think, of the way chiropractors have kind of wormed their way into the public consciousness as a legit medical thing, because my mom is an RN with 40 years of experience who otherwise doesn't buy any quackery.

@alpine_thistle To be fair there are some chiropractors who recognize they are a lot less educated than other professions, not qualified to treat children or more than a limited range of problems, and will tell you to give it up after several appointments if it's not helping. But I definitely get the sense that those practitioners are not the majority.

@lindentreeisle can’t stay in business if you admit your quack treatment isn’t working!

@alpine_thistle Yeah. I empathize a bit with these poor sons of bitches, few though they be. Like most of these morons are like a grownass man with a sparkler sprinting around town screaming "I'M A PHOENIX KA-KAW" and they're off on the side with their head in their hands like, "Man, no, it's a sparkler, I just want to quietly enjoy waving it through the air while it burns down, why are you embarrassing the human race this way?"

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