Since my job over the last 5 years has involved listening to people from all over the country, I think I can scientifically conclude that the ugliest American accent is either “generic Pennsylvania” or “New Orleans white person.” On the other hand, IMO the nicest American accents come from Georgia/South Carolina

New York, New Jersey, and Boston accents always sound like the person is about to start shouting and/or punch you out, but the only person to actually threaten me over the phone was based in Hawaii

Utah/Idaho accents are weird because half of my brain says “comforting, nice, probably someone I’m distantly related to” and the other half says “I heard your voice in a true crime documentary about someone with a basement full of kidnapped children”

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Anyone with a strong Upper Midwest accent is, statistically, about 7 minutes from talking about the wonders of lakes at any given time (I know this not from my job, but from my wife, who is an Upper-Midwestern Lake Enthusiast)

Upper Midwestern accent... 

@alpine_thistle and, relatedly how fucked up mining along the border is since it'll poison the boundary waters and Lake Superior. And that doesn't go anywhere for at least 200 yrs.

Upper Midwestern accent... 

@britvulcan “dat mining over dere”

@alpine_thistle hmm, well I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and I am inclined to agree with you on that count. I have a bunch of relatives with that dialect so to me that one is just loud; let’s get plastered and blast stuff away! I live in Minnesota now, so the lake thing, definitely. I think my favorite is Boston or New York, something nor’easter. Nothing too strong though, or else it sounds like a bad caricature, like someone is acting in a play.

@FromtheAbyss Pennsylvania to me sounds like a terrible mashup of upper Midwest and New York accents

A really strong Boston accent on a man gives me “intolerable asshole” vibes even if he’s actually really nice

@alpine_thistle really? I like Boston, though can’t give you a tangible reason for that. I don’t like a really strong Pennsylvania because i’ve heard it so very often. Then again I’d be hard-pressed to find any accent I like laid on too thick. Sounds inauthentic to me, like it couldn’t possibly be real.

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