Nearby state park has “glamping cabins” that look super nice and are surprisingly cheap and I’ve wanted to stay there forever

idk if they’re open right now or if they closed the park but I could really use some outdoor relaxation (but in a fancy cabin bc of course)

@alpine_thistle I mean it seems like outdoor activities, with proper distancing measures in place (so like, probably no full bookings), are one of the best low-risk activities to promote right now, though the cabins would have to be sterilized after each use.

@lj_writes yeah, I’m not sure how busy the park is usually. I think they have like a nature center that’s probably closed, at least

@alpine_thistle You should look into it! My family goes with friends (and a bunch of friends of friends) to a state park in NY every year and stays in cabins that are basically hotel rooms in the woods. It's a blast. 😀

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