Want to see a walkthrough of my garden, warts and all

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@alpine_thistle Ooooh, excite!

0:00 I see a whole lot of dandelions going uneaten! Though it's probably too late for all but the newest ones, aside from the flowers. Delicious!

0:26 Baby mulberry behind the lilac! Also LILAC I bet it smells so good.

0:40 That's a really clever idea!

0:50 "I'm not sure what that is." Looks like wild grape! Lucky you. Could also be porcelain berry? I'd keep an eye on it.

1:15 Succulent babbies! And cinquefoil? Or false strawberry...

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2:00 Columbine! 8D The violets are still blooming, too!

2:34 Wow, that allium really is pretty. They're so varied, and it seems like such an underutilized plant.

2:45 "Daylilies! D:<"

3:00 Damn, speaking of pretty alliums! Look at these!

4:25 Are those blue barrels wrapped in burlap? Interesting idea!

4:30 Keeping the japanese maple around because it's pretty = valid. Also very pretty.

5:50 That's salvia? Dang, it's lovely!

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5:58 "And that I did not behead with the weedwhacker." Mood.

6:20 You have *so much columbine* I am jealous. Also LUPINE.

6:50 BLOOM!! AAA!!! Come to think of it, I wondered idly if you still had daylilies around or if you dug them up, and I guess this answers that, haha.

7:40 Interesting! Is having a nestbox keeping the bees from boring into your house? Asking for a friend, lolol.

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8:20 Ahaha, that false strawberry! I wondered if you had some growing; maybe that's what I saw with the succulents. That grows all over where I used to live. I eat it whenever I find it, even though it tastes like water. It's nostalgic and I like chewing the seeds.

That's pretty neat! Thanks for showing off your yard. Are you doing the cucumber again this year?

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@ToonLink yeah I’m doing cucumbers! Different variety though, and fewer of them (I did English cucumbers last year and we had to eat them all fresh, but I wanted to make pickles so I planted pickling cucumbers)

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@ToonLink I don’t think these bees are the kind that bore into your house. They look for existing holes and cracks an seal them up with mud, so having a collection of holes for them just helps them find safe places to nest.

I found some columbines at Lowe’s, some at the grocery store, and one of them just kind of showed up one day lol

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@ToonLink I think the purple alliums are my new favorites. They’re so whimsical and they last such a long time (but I also can’t wait for the other ones to bloom—a yellow one is just starting to open, and there’s supposed to be some blue ones too)

Yeah the planters are a single blue barrel that I cut into thirds and wrapped in burlap! I was going to use it for a rain barrel, but it had a smelly chemical residue inside and I couldn’t clean it well enough for that

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@ToonLink I am utterly delighted by all your reactions jsyk

Is that a mulberry? I was wondering what it was, and I haven’t noticed any fruit. It might be too young I guess

I also thought that vine might be a wild grape, but again, I haven’t noticed any fruit. I’ll definitely keep an eye out 👀

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