Jeff Fortenberry, aka the worst of Nebraska’s three terrible congressmen, forgot to renew his domain name 😂

@lindentreeisle and it was done by a left commentary blog that I didn’t know about!

@alpine_thistle brb am threatened to be reduced into a hopeless, knob-gobbling Jezebel

@alpine_thistle @ljwrites I'm torn over whether I want to be a knob-gobbling Jezebel or a holy homunculus. (I know that means I'd be made of jizz, but alliteration!)

@lindentreeisle @alpine_thistle I thought of holy homunculous as a reference to the jizz like um... seeding the homunculus for it to grow? XD We are all holy homunculi, or useto be 😂

@alpine_thistle I don't care if this is a Poe or not heterosexual sex is cancelled forever. 🤮

@alpine_thistle haha nice. Reminds me of the guy who got a ticket from one of those speed trap cameras and found out that the police department’s domain name was going to expire, and now that website is dedicated to the evils of those cameras along with a guide to avoiding them.

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