In other news I have decided to try this whole “cowashing” thing on my (very thick but very fine, technically wavy but in practice FOX-anchor straight) hair...

... and basically woke up with entirely different hair than I went to bed with, which was a total trip.

@alis I grew up thinking that using conditioner anywhere except the very ends of my hair would make me greasy

As a result, I was extremely not cute for more than a decade, and I feel like I need to teach a hair and skin seminar for curly-haired, oily-skinned teenagers with straight-haired, dry-skinned moms

@alpine_thistle Yeah my hair is constantly dry but quite elastic, and turns into a greasy mass of I go one (1) single day without washing it. I’ve spent years trying to do… literally anything with it that isn’t “chin-length bob” or “full tradwife” (I have that stereotypical streaked blonde “silk curtain” Slavic/Ivanka Trump hair), to no avail.

Except… today. Apparently. O_o


@alis cowashing finally made my scalp not flaky in the winter. It was a revelation tbh

@alpine_thistle Just so glad I can maybe finally achieve the true feral steppe witch look on the outside as well as the inside. (╥﹏╥)

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