I was taught a lot about the importance of personal modesty growing up, and now that I'm an adult I wonder why the focus was on "not showing your shoulders" and not, like, "not leading an excessive and unsustainable lifestyle"

@alpine_thistle leading an unsustainable lifestyle is what makes all this possible!

@alpine_thistle looks like Somebodies mistook the symbol for the thing itself. WHOOPS

@alpine_thistle !!! exactly this. One principle I appreciate in some religious communities is that "simple" or "modest" living is as much about not overconsuming or jockeying for consumptive showiness and having money on hand to give away because you buy less... Although they're till caught up in some of hte other too.

@alpine_thistle Going to posit that a lot of it is about pride, in which there's capital-P Pride (as in being a boastful and insufferable prat) being one of the cardinal sins.

Stephen Fry's latest podcast series about the Seven Deadly Sins did a real nice exposition about this.

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