Do you ever randomly remember the massive bullshit that was the "Reconquista"

@alpine_thistle Yes b/c I've been watching videos on the imprint Arabic left on Spanish and Portuguese (and presumably Galician as well).

@alpine_thistle a bunch of drunken spanish religious mercenaries from the middle of fuckin nowhere really looked at a thriving diverse multi-religious apex culture with robust traditions of art, medicine, and philosophy, and they went "hmm what if we ruined this actually"

@Dayglochainsaw some lords with nothing better to do: we need to take ALL OF SPAIN in the name of CHRISTIANITY

normal Christians living alongside Muslims and Jews in al-Andalus: ????

@alpine_thistle truly the medieval versions of those libertarian militias in like rural montana who think they will be welcomed as heroes and liberators when they storm the federal reserve to free us from the tyranny of needing a drivers licence

@alpine_thistle I actually should read about it! Because I am portuguese, you see, so what I was taught in school is that portugal and spain basically saved All The Things. And it feels... like... maybe... it wasn't exactly that!!

@alpine_thistle do you have any recommendations on a good resource for that? Or is wikipedia a good enough starting point?

@Sissas Wikipedia should be a good enough starting point, and there are probably books people can recommend if you want to know more

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