Potato harvest from a sprouted supermarket potato

2000s voice: you wouldn't DOWNLOAD a POTATO

(I think some of them were not quite ripe, but that's fine, they just need to be used faster)

I think I'm going to do potatoes differently next time (in 5-gallon buckets instead of in the ground)

Also, the mixture of composted chicken manure, bedding, and coffee grounds made a beautiful, dark, rich soil full of bugs and worms!

@alpine_thistle you can grow potatoes in buckets?

I'm very interested in this, potatoes are good.

@ajroach42 yes! Since you're supposed to mound soil on top of the plants as they grow, putting a sprout in the bottom of a bucket and gradually filling it with dirt is a really easy way to grow a lot of potatoes

@alpine_thistle Excellent!

Looking forward to seeing what you make with your potatos

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