Dark shoutout to the American education system for deciding that early literacy made me "gifted" and "talented"

Assigned Genius at "Enjoyed Reading Captain Underpants"


Also whoops it turns out that early literacy is a result of privilege (had a parent who could devote time to 1-on-1 reading aloud) and not my innate brilliance or whatever

Also I genuinely wonder how many of my early teachers assigned me a Smart Girl role because I've worn glasses since I was 3

This is such a weird, ableist, classist phenomenon. Like sure, I've always had an interest in reading and writing, but there are social reasons that these things were nurtured in me

[Third eye opens]

Gifted and Talented programs are a government project to identify students who can be fast-tracked into subjects and careers that will benefit the military-industrial complex

Like at some point, the G&T programs I was in stopped rewarding my literary/culinary/artistic interests and tried to shuffle all of us into like, robotics

@alpine_thistle damn for real tho. neber thought of it like this before

also see focus on STEM, etc

@alpine_thistle in their defence (but not really) robotics is an easy “thing” - shove some kit at the kids and “let them have fun” boom, learning checkbox ticked. Figuring out how to guide the little ones to their own individual interests? That sounds like work! Robotics! Win! :(


Huh. I always figured they were a way to deny quality education to lower-class students.

@alpine_thistle Jon Brunner wrote an early cyberpunk called "The Shockwave Rider" in which this is a real plot point. One of the gifted students who fled a "school" called Tarnover is the protagonist.

@alpine_thistle my mom removed me from these programs because she felt like they were designed to just give us more busywork

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