I keep seeing this same bunny in the same area, so I wonder if there’s a bunny nest nearby

I got a purple velvet plant recently and I don’t think any of my other plants throws such a dramatic tantrum about being underwatered as this one does. Look at it. It’s so sad.

(The peperomias also droop when they’re a little too dry but the top stays perky, like they’re trying to stay happy while they’re falling apart. The succulents just kind of quietly shrivel up.)

Painting is done! Well, I have to touch up a little bit around the edge, but the bedroom is no longer beige hell and all the furniture is back where it should be

Oh yeah did I mention my lemon tree has leaves again? It’s been working so hard!!

I also have this mysterious wild milkweed coming up in my driveway, which makes the fourth (!!!) species of milkweed on my property and the second that I did not intentionally plant. There are a few species of milkweeds in NE that have broad leaves like this, but it’s probably common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca).

If you didn’t know this already, milkweeds are the sole host plants for monarch caterpillars. If you’re worried about monarch habitat destruction, plant a milkweed.

OH this looks so much nicer already

(The right-hand wall is still beige for now because that’s going to be an accent wall. We just need to pick a color and get a little bit of paint.)

First columbine blooms of the season! I love these flowers because they look super delicate and exotic but they’re hardy to zone 3 and nearly impossible to kill

First spinach harvest! (Bloomsdale Long Standing, which I picked because it’s more heat-tolerant than other varieties)

The leaves are big but succulent and not bitter at all. I’m going to blanch it and put it in lasagna


- Ugly 99% of the year
- Impossible to remove
- Spreads like an STD
- Supposedly edible but gave me a stomachache
- Will not die
- Takes up all the good light
- Sucks

I treated myself to an ice cube mold that makes 2-inch cubes specifically to make big ice cubes for my Old Fashioneds

Hi plant people, please tell me wtf to expect with this raspberry bush (yes I know my trellis is janky)

I bought it last year as a dormant cane in a cup. The bush is now putting up a lot of new canes, and there’s not a single leaf on last year’s canes. The question that I haven’t been able to answer via googling is this: do raspberries put out new primocanes before the floricanes grow new leaves, or are my floricanes fucked? Is it supposed to do this??? Pls I just want berries

Assembles the 8 nice-looking macarons so that everyone thinks they all look this good

Only a couple are cracked! And look at those feet!

I expect the second pan to do even better than this since it had more time to dry

Also re: this stupid thing, the only potato that sprouted was the one on the edge, so hilling is a challenge. Still, the plant is nice and healthy, and I’ll hopefully get many potato

This isn’t very cute, but I’m trying to hopefully kill some of the grass between my garden beds, and some other day I’ll cover the cardboard with the metric shitton of river rock the previous homeowner uses in his landscaping

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