@lj_writes yes! There are some really awesome geological formations and fossil beds out west (I haven’t been but I want to) dating back to the last Yellowstone eruption

@lj_writes meanwhile the Ponca and Omaha peoples are still growing corn in Nebraska

@erinbee yeah we have hella soy. I think farmers usually rotate corn and soybeans

If I can’t grow corn in Nebraska I might as well give up gardening

“Knee-high by the Fourth of July?” My corn is knee-high on the fourth of June. take that, city-slickers

@ToonLink yessss

This always seems like a good idea in theory, but idk what I could plant. Milkweed, probably

If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my hori-hori.

@edebill I have, but I’m not doing zucchini this year in favor of some different heirloom squash (summer and winter) plus cucumbers and watermelons. I’m already going to be eaten alive by vines lol

@lindentreeisle thankfully all of us QA coaches are like “this is stupid, no one’s going to do this,” but it’s just this one senior VP who’s married to the idea and he has his head so far up his own ass that he won’t listen to the literal dozens of people telling him that it sucks

I need to find a new victimless horticultural crime to commit since “growing a controlled substance” and “letting my grass grow above code guidelines” are both checked off the list

On that note, here is a lovely golden lady foraging on some clover alongside many equally lovely native sweat bees and hover flies

Not all introduced species are “invasive.” Don’t be a plant fascist

Two things can be true at once:

1) native American bees are diverse and fascinating and should be the focus of bee conservation in the US, bc a lot of them are specialists and suffer more severely from habitat destruction than honeybees do

2) honeybees are dope and you aren’t morally superior for “well actually”-ing people who are concerned about them. They aren’t “invasive” unless native bees have to compete w them for limited resources

In conclusion: plant flowers and don’t mow your lawn

Shoutout to this columbine for making a beautiful red flower mere weeks after I accidentally beheaded it with a weed-whacker

@interneteh the mallet made a sound like a boxing bell when it made contact

@interneteh I personally saw Antifa bonk a cop with a comically large mallet, causing an 8-inch goose egg to push the cop’s riot helmet off his head

@interneteh in Omaha, Antifa jumped over a fence and the cop who was chasing him snagged his pants, exposing his embarrassing white underpants with red hearts on them :(

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