I have attempted to observe the comet three times so far, and I haven't succeeded once. The best was a blur that I THINK was NEOWISE, but it was so dim I cannot be sure.

Disappointing. Just let me see the big steaming rock from my back garden, you coward. *shakes hand at sky*


It's been overcast pretty much every night here for, well, forever ;-)

My wife thinks she saw a smear that might have been it, but even with the monocular I couldn't swear that I saw it.

Bloody clouds.

@AspiringLuddite same here. Either it's overcast or it's too low above the horizon to escape the city glow.

I could go out and look for a better observation point, but without a car traveling at night is more bother than I'm willing to go through.


We're on the western edge of our relatively small town, so the city glow usually isn't too bad. It's just Norfolk - if it isn't overcast, that's because it's raining.

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