WoT reread, mild spoilers 

WoT reread commenceth!

... well not really, I read the prologue and Chapter 1 yesterday.

Rand and Mat are children, I feel SO BAD for their future.

Oh no, now I remember why I got so invested in this series: Lan freaking Mandragoran and the Lan/Nynaeve romance. They haven't even gotten a scene together yet and I'm having flashbacks already. *embarrassed noises*

Gripe: hey Jordan, wtf is with the sexual dimorphism? Why are all the women tiny???

Question for people with digital drawing tablets :boost_ok: 

@Hayling I've had a Wacom Bamboo tablet for 10+ years, and it did get scratched up over time. I don't notice any negative impact on the result, although I can feel it when I draw.

I'd keep an eye for things stuck in the nib (sand etc), and check the nib for harder points - I don't know what the nibs are like now, but mine have a harder "core".

IDK what else can be done, maybe others will know more.

ohhhhhh my god, I just discovered I was just thirteen when I read Children of Dune. THIRTEEN. That's wild.

It also means that I must have been thirteen at most when I read Dune, but probably twelve or less. Damn, I ought to reread the book just because of that, I have no idea what the child brain filter did to the story.

@withquieteyes not writing programs, but I occasionally get different wordcount on AO3 when I write drabbles, and it's always a bother.

Oh, and the linux cli command 'wc' doesn't count words in markdown files, ugh.

@Stefanyeah ha, YEP. I haven't written fiction in my native language in... lol, maybe a decade, and it would feel awkward as hell.

Maybe if I at least read books in my native language... but there are so many good books in English, and why would I read translations if I can read the original?

@Stefanyeah Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I started writing fanfic as a teen, like a lot of people do. I think trying and failing at pro-writing leaves very specific scars, and it changes the way I experience it.

@Stefanyeah "turning writing into work" yeah, that's same for me. I know some people write on that level and find it rewarding, but I just don't have the work ethic that requires.

Whenever I start to seriously care about quality in anything I do, I freeze, avoid, and burn out. The forgiving atmosphere of fanfic gives me space to avoid that. I'm really thankful for that.

(I wish fanart would do the same for me about drawing, but sadly, it doesn't seem to.)


Would anyone up here be interested in reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series with a group of people who have mostly read the thing 10+ years ago? Me and kat_lair over on Dreamwidth are running a Wheel of Time read/reread book club: tar-valon.dreamwidth.org/3425.

We start the first book tomorrow! The pace is set to one book per month, with three check-ins for discussion (dates in the post).

The comm also has discussion of the TV series, if that's more your thing.

NaNoWriMo wrap-up 

I'm sad that I can't get anywhere near the 50k mark, though. Maybe it'll get better as I get more writing experience. I know I get stuck in wording, and I need to do more "mind-writing" so I don't waste precious writing time trying to figure out how things should go.

If it doesn't happen though... oh well. I'll get over it. Someone has to even out the bell curve, after all.

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NaNoWriMo wrap-up 

...aaaaand done! over!

Well, "done". Bad draft is bad. That is December Me's problem, though. 😂

It was fun, even though I threw away everything but the "writing" part. I'm glad I tried it. I regret not being able to count my words properly, but it's what it's. When a good chunk of my writing happens during commute, at lunch, and in snatches of wait time at work, I just can't do it digitally. (Never have I loved our long build times more, lol.)

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November wordcount and such (1/?) 

@Anke it is!

November wordcount and such (1/?) 

@Anke ooooh, that's a really good result! Almost doubling your wordcount for the whole year in a month is awesome.

(the irony of posting this on the public timeline is not lost on me)

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oh lol. I started composing a toot, but I did it in a text file since I'm having a hard time expressing myself lately, and now it's 300+ words so I might just as well chuck it at Dreamwidth instead.

Aparently I have a lot of feelings about *checks file* writing as a hobby? I don't know wtf this is about.

@vicorva 🎉congratulations! writing 50k words in a month is impressive.

Since my word-count is a lost cause, I decided my final NaNo goal will be to finish the scene I'm writing right now. (Thanks, @maloki, for the idea.)

It's going to be a challenge, the scene is VERY wiggly atm, but doable, I think!

Once that is done, it's transcription (and mild editing) time. I can't wait to see how much words I will end up with!

The result is... well. Probably the worst draft I've ever produced. Seriously, this thing needs either an axe or an exorcism, or possibly both.

That said, I don't feel like something is broken...? It's a complicated part, and how it seems to me, all that struggling is work that has to happen one way or another. Maybe a better writer would have an easier time of it, but nobody else is gonna write this exact story, will they. Oh well. I trudge on.

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Most likely I have too little: the last week has been shit, writing-wise, for various Life Reasons.

On top of that, the part I'm writing is kicking my ass. The plot is branching out, there are new characters, the causality gets muddled, it's a mess. Writing it feels like trying to map out a labyrinth, where the spool of thread is... the characters and their personality? Or the plot, maybe. Either way, lots and lots of second-guessing and retracing my steps.

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