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that writer lyfe (tm), cussing 

Me: OH THANK FUCK, that was the last big missing scene in the draft!

Me: *immediately finds another one she forgot about*

Me: 😩

negative, online seller being a dick, PLOT TWIST 

OH MY GOD. I just checked the original photos - IT'S NOT THE SAME PEN, IT'S ANOTHER, ALSO SCRATCHED UP PEN!

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???

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negative, online seller being a dick 

So. Update. I contacted the seller the day the pen arrived. They were polite, promised to exchange the pen right away, I sent the pen back the next day.

The replacement just arrived.


Looks like they tried to buff the scratch out, but it didn't really work much.

I... just. What the fuck am I even gonna do now. It's just a goddamn scratch, but really? REALLY???

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Silmarillion read-through update 

Wait, no, weird flex time: Tolkien's Elvish language names are super easy for me to read, because he basically uses Czech pronunciation for letters aside from a few exceptions. My biggest problem is "C" (I read "ts" and call a dude "Tseleborn") and diacritics (á, é, etc), which he afaik uses for accents, but Czech for length, so I end up with stuff like "Noooooomenor".

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Silmarillion read-through update 

DONE! I'M DONE!!! Just over half a year, nbd.

I want to note down some thoughts later (for myself if nobody else), but for now... It's a very pretty book. I appreciate it's literary qualities.

That said, I did NOT have a good time, trying to read it cover to cover. It's just... IDEK. As I said, later.

I think I will like it as a reference book though. Or to skim for favorite parts. Or, hmm, fandom fodder.


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Silmarillion read-through update 

SO. A power nap and a bit of aggressive focus later, I'm done with Akallabêth. Very apocalyptic. Lol'd at Númenóreans having invented embalming, and at Sauron being yote into the abyss.

Also, no offense Jirt, but we all know that Avallónë is just Avalon with a "better than thou" spelling.

Now I still have to get through "LOTR the Cliff Notes" which I forgot are there, argh.

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Silmarillion read-through update 

Me: I will finish Silm today!
My brain: no.

(Literally falling asleep over the book. It's not even that boring, why?)

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Silmarillion read-through update 

And that's the "actual Silmarillion" part of Silm done, hell yeah!!! But I still have the, uhhh, Akallabêth to go.

Alright. ALRIGHT. Did not plan this for today, but I'm gonna try to finish this book!

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Silmarillion read-through update 

Today's Silm: Tuor, fall of Gondolin, and Eärendil. "wait, wasn't that already destroyed?" ask I, apparently completely lost which great Elven city is which.

I like Eärendil and Elwing's ending. It's kind of very visually poetic, with the ship and the star and the birds, and nobody is tragically dead.

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I didn't find the time/energy to watch Eurovision this year, but I'm delighted by everyone spamming my Tumblr timeline with it.

I'm doing research, and canon world-building just imploded half of my next fanfic's plot 🙃 I hate everything 🙃


so, I joke a lot that our garden is shit for veg but at least it's very symbolic/witchy. We're soft-hearted and bad at removing things, so it's overgrown by a huge hazel, an equally huge holly, crapton of ivy and two apples in between.

Now, I have a Mystery Tree in a pot, and it finally bloomed this year. Guess what it is?
Fraxinus ornus, a species of ash. You know, of the Yggdrasil fame.

Oh lol. At least it's not a rowan?

Re: the last boost (

Those Polaroid photos of old school computer graphics? OH YES.

The fandom I'm currently reading fic for on AO3 has a meme where they tag "no beta we die like xxx" and the xxx is someone who ACTUALLY DIES in the canon, and OMG I am a horrible person but it cracks me up SO MUCH. Nooooo it's not funny! (it's really goddamn funny.)


nbd just writing a major scene in the current draft and having Big Feelings because IT'S WORKING, AAAAAHHHH

(almost five months for this emotional payoff hoooooly shit)

(hoping like hell I'll still like it during editing)

tfw you THINK you just got a story plot twist spoiled, but you're not SURE and don't want to spoil it all entirely by looking up a synopsis


Silmarillion read-through update 

Yesterday's chapter: Of the Ruin of Doriath
There was one beautiful scene between Húrin and Morwen.

I forgot to post about the whole Túrin Turambar story... it was interesting but I didn't like it, if that makes sense. Very "Greek tragedy", and I don't like those. The inevitable fall towards a bad ending just doesn't do it for me.

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Thing that made me go WTFLOL today: this series of maps of most popular girl names, by year and by US state.

I know it's incredibly petty, but I HATE when people don't differentiate between colorized historical photos and those actually taken in color.

I know "authenticity" is a lie and what does it really matter? But the early color process often resulted in amazing tonality, and it kills me when the real stuff gets lumped together with someone's Photoshop job.

Just LOOK at these!

BTW if anyone missed it, you still have time to sign-up for this year's first round of Multifandom Drabble!


I highly recommend it, it's a really fun, fast challenge that usually has a cool mix of fandoms, including really funky ones. I still fondly remember the round where someone nommed the 11foot8 "Canopener" bridge 🤣

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