lmao there's probably a different, more legit explanation out there but for now i'm going to believe Tony Stark called his suits Marks because of Mark Antony

had my fill of entitled minors in fandom today. god, fuck off, you twats

alc; picture of an alc drink 

the broke uni student's paper cup bloody mary

re last boost im literally always at a 7 or 8 and my bad days are a solid 9-10. hahahahahahahahahahahah

if disney plus doesn't want to accept my debit card (which, as a student in japan, is all i have) it should also accept that i will not end up bothering to find another way to pay 770 yen + tax a month for its service, not when all i want are the tony stark ft avengers movies

screaming about egregious grammar errors 


racism in fic 

god i hate it when im reading a perfectly good fic and the author gets in a dig about how "half of Delhi stinks like a sewer" like... please my dear author lord im here to escape real-life racism

i was thinking about and i just remembered that episode with johnny trying to give patrick the dad talk. roland put him up to it, right?
well i just rewatched the ep and -- jocelyn's father tried to talk roland out of marrying her when she was nine months pregnant.

what a POS
(and roland is not-so-surprisingly cool)

how did I get through life without knowing who Steve Coogan is!?

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guess who was today years old when she realised Alan Partridge isn't actually a person, just a comedic persona of someone else

what're the odds that i'd find indo-chinese food in tokyo? astronomical. and YET

alc mention 

tried my first Peroni

mention of celebrities doing drugs 

so if doing drugs is illegal and stuff, how come famous people openly talk about doing them in the past with zero consequences?

mental illness, medication 

i've had a benzodiazepine added to the two meds i already take

ive never taken one before. im a tiny bit worried

covid-19/twilight joke 

will someone write a novel-based-on-dream a hundred years in the future where a guy is turned into a vampire to prevent his death from the rona

accidentally aspirated my anti-depressants so i guess i'm going to d-word since it HURTS SO MUCH

why do people decide to be horrible like this. what is even the rationale. do people actively decide to be assholes to others every day???

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