posted That Bicep Image. Now I'm posting this.

"Now there’s a new source of frustration parading about topless in front of Merlin, and this one’s a man, and Merlin is so, so attracted to him.

(Just his luck, of course, that Arthur would have a physique to suit a pagan god, but a personality better matched to a donkey.)"

In which is all of us.

just... just look at that gorgeous banner. I had a hand in creating it (lineart). I can't believe it.

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the kiss fest is BACK for 2019!

watch @merthurkissfest on tumblr for more info, to come soon

i drew this for the fest (dropping hints about it) and i want to show it to you all so here goes

netflix japan only has the first series of and i'm so :< about it argh let me watch arthur die in merlin's arms over and over in HD ffs

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Candy! davineclaire:Everything you’ve done… I know now… for me, for...

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Candy! maryluis:A little sketch for arthur-of-the-pendragons‘s kiss...

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Candy! arthur-of-the-pendragons:
new entries for the/my Merlin/Arthur Kiss Fest! <3
LJ post for the...

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The Devil is trying to trick you into signing a contract for your soul. The thing is, he's already got your soul...he's trying to get you to take it back.
#writingprompts #writing

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Reading lots of fantasy novels as a kid means that, as an adult, you get nostalgic about things that never happened in this universe:

My cooking isn't nearly as good as the feasts they used to have at Redwall Abbey!

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