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@weirdeyes one of my fics, or should I say a screenshot of the tags for one of my fics, was posted to a similar site called wtffanfiction, and it's a horrible, humiliating experience that makes you question everything about writing. It's not oversensitive to be afraid of bullying shits. But bullies are never right about the value of their victims. Letting them chase you away is giving them power they do not deserve.

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Problems with the ASoIAF fandom: my brain keeps reading KitN as "kitten", and so keeps getting disappointed when a fanfic is not about kitten Robb Stark or kitten Jon Snow.

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🎶 It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
A beautiful time six-feet-under
It's Quite Divine:
Coffin of Pine

I have to outlive my mother, because she has vowed if I predecease her, she will foil my plans to have my tombstone read: "Won't you be my neighbor?"

@ljwrites Both are wrong, and the second does not follow the first. Wrong from start to finish.

@quinnhempstead I just... Blocked them and made myself some tea. Anyone on that many pieces of shitty reasoning is clearly beyond my help.

Somebody just reblogged one of my posts to say that Zuko abused Iroh, and this is why he needs to redeem Azula. I can't.

@tparadox The official name is a diagraph. My school called them consonant combos one year and partner letters another year. We read a poem about S and H getting married.

@ljwrites He was also, like hilariously murderous in a religious fundimentalist kind of way. I have a hard time not imagining him like a bible thumping Joffrey.

Edward VI that is.

@alpine_thistle I'm a yankee, but my dad's from Alabama and so are two of my siblings, and I spent four hellish years in Alabama, so it just is.

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LB: Here's a nuance I see missed about this topic. If you think in terms of people "being racist" rather than "enacting racism" it is easy to fall into thinking that people of color can't "be racist". But _anyone_ can further the work of any oppression.

It's not that people of color cannot enact racism… it's that white people cannot be the target of racism. There is a difference.

A queer person can enact homophobia. A Black person can enact anti-blackness. A woman can enact misogyny.

@alpine_thistle "You have sat for an eternity, you will sit for an eternity more. Your legs are superfluous and no longer require blood. They grow cold and numb. You sat on the couch and watched one episode of a show."

@alpine_thistle Most of the Catholic people I know has prayed to every single saint even tangentially related to a problem, so I would say that it's okay.

Weekends are for long languid, leisurely pots of tea. tragically Thursdays are for gulping down a big mug's worth while trying to remember where I put my lunchbox.

@alpine_thistle @ljwrites One of the good parts about being a German Jew is that most people understand that there might be some disconnect there.

@alpine_thistle Given how the Church used the baptism of Jewish children as justification for kidnapping said children...

Also the UN declaration on the rights of the child specifies that children have a right to be raised in the cultural and religious traditions of their family and cultural group, and France is a signator, if you want to use that.

@alpine_thistle "So why does secularism always seem to equal 'cultural practices of the dominant cultural group', hmmm?"

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