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That is meant metaphorically, by the way.

*Party in the USA plays*

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US politics, election edition bodily fluids 

I threw up twice last night because of the stress.

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US politics, election edition 

I have a degree in political science. I know Donny T is declaring victory prematurely. I know the mail ins from Pennsylvania (and others) look good. I know this.

*Incoherent stress noises*

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US politics, election edition 

Don't mind me, I'm just going to make a blanket fort and wait for the absentee voting results to trickle in while trying not to gnaw off the ends of my fingers.

Also my dad's got a bunch of nasty gastro-intestinal symptoms, and we have good reason to believe the water authority was three days late issuing the boil water order. Could these be related? Hmmmm.

I seriously hope they aren't.

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Guess who has two thumbs and is on a boil water order for the week!

My mom, calling me at 5:00 AM: "Get up and get dressed, we need to go!"

Me: *starts speed packing for re-evacuation*

My mom, calling five minutes later: "Where are you?"

Me: "Packing."

Mom: "Why"

Me: "..."

Mom: "Oh. No, your dad and I need to take your brother to his appointment. Come upstairs and take care of the dogs."

Me: *stares around at the chaos of a half-packed room*

Moral of the story: semantic clarity is important, especially at 5:00 in the morning.

We have been de-evacuated. Back home for now.

Someone did die from that accident, passed away two days ago.

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So it turns out nobody died! There were 22 people injured and 16 vehicles involved, and several people needed the jaws of life to be extracted from their cars, but everybody lived!

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Also if you are a US citizen and eligible to vote on November, and aren't planning to, you can step in dogshit.

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Also some stupid fucking child called me a "votie", which is apparently the new insult for people who realize voting is important.

Were in the process of evacuating for the fires (again) driving down the road with all the dogs, when an enormous RV barrels into a line of cars stopped at a red light, just tearing through like ten cars. Some of the cars were completely crushed. I think I just saw people die.

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@attackfish It's because nobody is allowed to just have a preference nowadays; everything has to be couched in the language of some kind of moral imperative, with definitive Right and Wrong sides. It's *exhausting*...

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Real talk time but there are way more fandom puriteens gonna get themselves massively fucked up having to unlearn all the bullshit they've internalized about what supposedly counts as a ~*~ healthy ship uwu~*~ than anyone ever got from being all like "lol murderhusbands."

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