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Yello, yello!

I moved over here from dot social! My name's Vik/Decaf/Squid/Loki/Whatever name y'all can come up with, and I'm a 20 year old artist and writer.

My main fandoms at the moment are The Ancient Magus' Bride, Hatoful Boyfriend, Kamigami no Asobi, Durarara, Magi, Persona 5, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, and Witch's Heart!

My favorite characters are usually the villains, with a few exceptions.


thought all the jack the ripper stuff was about jack the ripper, until i investigated and found it was actually just about biden.

re: personal / discord stuff / vent about bad ally 

I'm here trying to enjoy my fuckin Yule, dude. oppression of ppl different from you ain't fuckin about you.

it's literally several different holidays right now. why. the fuck.

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personal / discord stuff / vent about bad ally 

a dude in a group im in that's centered around talking about fictional characters you like went on a rant about the ess jay dubyas.

he's a self admitted cis straight white man. in a server made up mostly of different marginalized demographics.

and he had the gall to make oppression ppl like us face... about himself.

then talked about how he used to be an anti-sjw but is *so* accepting now.

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how is it no big deal for white people to act like this?? to just larp as indigenous people?? why does no one on the left think this is even worth feeling weird about?? im going nuts

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Idk bout y'all but I'm glad to be a menace to society

Star Wars / Thrawn / joke post 

Thrawn... ASMR...

My cat just sniffed my phone. Absolute icon.

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spicy take: every lesson that video games learned from shadow of the colossus was the wrong lesson

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one of my OCs, ein! she's a bunny half-human who was basically born to be a sidekick, but struggles with trying to forge her own fate!

#mastoart #OCs #art

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New app idea: It destroys capitalism and makes furries real

Grand Admiral Thrawn/OC fanfic inspired by "Hostage" by Billie Eillish

Do I have poor taste in fictional men? Yes. Absolutely. How did you guess?

Lewd / Star Wars / Thrawn 

Hi my name is Vik and I want to FUCK Grand Admiral Thrawn

hey.... someone talk self-ship/self-insert/reader-insert with me pls

Today's rich capitalist of the day is 

Grand Admiral Thrawn

my roommate, for 3 days straight: WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?? WE PLUGGED EVERYTHING IN RIGHT
me: try moving the RAM to A1, B1.
computer: [WORKS]

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computers run on fucking magic. we triple-checked our desktop's setup to see why the monitor wasn't receiving any input and why the keyboard wasn't working...

it was because of the damn RAM. we didn't have it in the right slots.

You are the Elder Enby, destroyer of worlds

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