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Waist-up sketches are $10!
Monstrous humanoids
Canon characters
Original characters

Sexually explicit material
Overly complicated backgrounds
One character per picture! Extra characters will cost 3 USD each!

Message me here or email me at if interested!

Payment through Paypal invoices only!
Sale lasts from April 5th to April 20th 2019!

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Yello, yello!

I moved over here from dot social! My name's Vik/Decaf/Squid/Loki/Whatever name y'all can come up with, and I'm a 20 year old artist and writer.

My main fandoms at the moment are The Ancient Magus' Bride, Hatoful Boyfriend, Kamigami no Asobi, Durarara, Magi, Persona 5, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, and Witch's Heart!

My favorite characters are usually the villains, with a few exceptions.

update: i painted a little bit, so that's one thing on today's to-do list done.

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I know that the Notre Dame is a very important landmark but the fact that billionaires have pledged over 600 million dollars in the first 24 hours to help fix it just really puts into perspective how easily rich people could help solve world issues if they cared

well, i WAS going to draw, but now it's storming and i'm terrified of trying to draw during a storm for fear of losing all my work

Not everything you make is going to be amazing or up to your usual standards. That's okay. It's part of being human.

I'm gonna draw. It's probably not gonna be my best, but that's okay. Just putting something down to convey an idea is progress in its own right.

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Don't fuckin act like you don't know what non-binary is when you know damn well some Pokemon just ain't got no gender this isn't a new concept

Josef is an OLD MAN, and he DESERVES REST!!!

And thus, Monsterpit descended into the Great Abyss once more.

it doesn't matter if you're impatient. you should learn to control yourself and acknowledge that people have other things to tend to in their lives.

if it's really that important, you can always /politely/ ping the other server staff to see who's available. you don't /have/ to cling to just one staff member and berate them when they're not quick enough for you, nor do you really have any /reason/ to do that.

this specifically came to mind because i've had at least 2 people within the last 2 days get mad at me for not being able to respond immediately after they sent me a message. one happened on my birthday while i was out with my family, and the other happened today while i was waiting to receive input from other server staff on a question the person asked.

please don't mistreat someone just because they're not available 24/7. that's a ridiculous standard to hold anyone to.

y'all... please treat discord server admins and mods with care. if they don't respond to your message within 5 minutes, don't scream at them. don't threaten them. don't guilt trip them or try to blackmail them. we're all people with lives, and life comes before servers on discord ok?

This has been a PSA

Fact: I'm gay for both Bossk and General Grievous. This is my life now.

I used up most of my spoons packing clothes and setting aside the ones I don't want or can't fit into anymore. OTL

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When will people understand the kind of fiction one enjoys doesn't necessarily translate into their actual lives?

When will Monsterpit return from the void

I'm officially 21 now and I'm ready to write fanfiction

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