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Yello, yello!

I moved over here from dot social! My name's Vik/Decaf/Squid/Loki/Whatever name y'all can come up with, and I'm a 20 year old artist and writer.

My main fandoms at the moment are The Ancient Magus' Bride, Hatoful Boyfriend, Kamigami no Asobi, Durarara, Magi, Persona 5, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, and Witch's Heart!

My favorite characters are usually the villains, with a few exceptions.

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Let me be clear.

Saying devs shouldn’t make any ethical decisions concerning software is a cowardly decision, which enables hate, abuse and harassment to continue.

You’re not a centrist or being logical.

You’re giving space for hate to flourish.

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Sex workers are working class and part of our struggle against capitalism. If your theory does not include sex workers then you are no ally of mine.

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Seeing a lot of people who follow and read my posts continue to engage with the alt-right and nazis in good faith debate. Stop it:

Is this the definition of mansplaining?

Me, a fanartist and fanfiction writer.

Just had an asshole try to explain to me what transformative works are and why they don't count as Real Art

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we need a class on common sense. taught along side math and the rest in elementary. including such things as:

- wash your hands
- get vaccinated
- don't ever hit a child ever ever ever
- food service employees are people too, you know
- you don't have to pay for winrar
- don't leave a plastic spatula on the side of a hot pan
- no really, wash your fucking hands
- you must first agree on the definitions of things before using those words to try and debate something, and definitional arguments are a waste of time most of the time
- just because it's organic doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you or the environment
- it's unethical to put a kid on a leash
- if your parents don't like who you're voting for you can just lie to them
- don't microwave metal stuff or electronics
- use a variety of passwords
- use oven mitts when using an oven
- self control takes practice and companies are banking on you not practicing it
- im serious wash your goddamned hands, it's fucking disgusting

From now on, I'm demanding all transmisics/transphobes provide 7 nonbiased peer-reviewed scientific studies validating the existence of their gender

guys, how do i convince myself to shut up and write?

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starting a religion where we get 5/7 days of the week off as mandated rest time, making it official, and forcing companies to accept the time off on religious grounds

Plants don't care if you're trans. You put hard work and care into growing them. They love you.

Plants do care if you're a TERF though. Rotten attitude leads to a rotten garden.

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Welp. Playstation network's down. Time to Switch

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hi yeah if you're an anti in any way shape or form, do us both a favor and block me 🙃 Leave that purity culture shit on tumblr thanks

honestly, i used to stress myself a LOT over plotting out my entire fanfiction before i really write it. i still kind of do, but i think it needs to be said that you can write stuff without plot.

just do it.

you absolutely will not get anything done if you focus on trying to make everything perfect.

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Anxious about climate change? You're not alone. We're compiling a list of climate change disaster-relief funds, and other climate crisis activism work that you can support.

now that I've finished that painting, I think I'm going to not draw for the next 50000 years thanks.

just kidding, but i do need to take a break for the rest of the day. Maybe i'll write some no-plot spur-of-the-moment fanfiction about Bossk and an OC?

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Headshot --- 5 USD

Waist-up --- 7 USD

Full-body --- 13 USD

All commissioned pieces will be lines only, no color!

One character per piece.

-Complicated backgrounds
-Extreme gore

-Canon characters

If interested, message me here or email me at!

Transactions will be completed through paypal invoices only!


#mastoart #creativetoots #commissions #sale #pride2019

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