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one singer once said "let's keep on living in this world somewhere" at the end of their concert and it moved me a whole lot

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hi i'm ney and i like quite a lot of things
i love drawing and i'm really into anime/manga ( is my fav) sometimes i draw s too
i might talk about shows i watch & games i play at the moment nice to meet you all

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the new gfantasy cover is so pretty it made me start rereading bb

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*sees anything goth-like* gerry...

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sitting too long on a drawing makes me not wanting to draw at all yet again big sigh

was drawing elias for hours and now i'm not sure if he looks too old or not... i myself imagined him quite young while listening but y'know i don't want him to look _too_ young

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jon saying i love you fckkk i'm living

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"How to pick beautiful colors"

Common color mistakes and how to avoid them:

oh so the remake isn't even the full game huh

magnus archives season 3 

idk how to feel about the whole entities thing. i knew about them a little bc they've appeared in discussions already but i thought it's more of a thing for organizing and not that important to the plot and well...
everything is still supernatural but it kinda bothers me trying to bring 'order' to the cases. that everything has a purpose sorts of. it makes it less scary for me if i can 'expain' it even though it still makes no sense realistically speaking

i wish crisis core would also get a remake...

i honestly can't remember any of the names in magnus archieves so i missing out on a lot of fun there

uugh i really want to change my pixiv id but it doesn't let me

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