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hi yeah if you're an anti in any way shape or form, do us both a favor and block me 🙃 Leave that purity culture shit on tumblr thanks

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Hello, hello friends! I'm Arisa, Risa for short ^^. I'm hopping over from .social 'cause I feel like this will be a better fit for me. I'm originally from . Been there for 10 years and I'm excited to finally be FREE. Really hoping for a more positive /#social experience here.

I'm and as fuck and proud it. 25. . Does that make sense? I don't care it sounds cool ;p

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My current interests are: , Valley, , , , games, , , , , , -punk, and !!! I wanna make some cool friends here so hit me up if we share any interests! ^^ I'm also a , although most of the stuff I work on is original and -Fiction. I haven't written in a long time but I still love it!!!

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Also, just a little bit more of my backstory: tumblr has made me a bitter and impatient 20-something. So basically, if you follow me and I decide that you're shitty or just not my vibe, you're getting blocked or silenced 🙃 I'm not the one anymore

BUT ANYWAY, I'm pretty tolerable of a lot of shit for the most part so the much more likely scenario is that I just won't follow you back🤷🏽

I'm coming over here because quarantine keeping me surrounded by locals on twitter 24/7 is slowly rotting my soul.

Teenage me was really right. Normal people DO scare me.

Metalheads have such a bad rap because of all the like long hair and scary tshirts and angry music but if you actually listen to a lot of (particularly oldskool) metal the lyrics are often, like, pretty wholesome?

There's also some evidence that metalheads are slightly more psychologically healthy than the average non-metalhead, which...hah! Take that, moral guardians of the 80s!

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Here's a list of Bail Funds in the US if people want to chip in and help:

i know things are starting to happen in the UK again. please remember that a lot of police forces work with the DWP and will pass on information about disabled activists attending protests and demonstrations. the DWP can and will use attending protests as "evidence" that you shouldn't be receiving disability benefits.

The police at Flint have defected.

They, under order of their chief, have laid down their weapons and taken off their helmets and have joined in protesting and marching.

Liberals think that the riots were caused by an underground cabal of white anarchists because the idea of acting outside the hegemony is indescribable to them

trolls are out in full force today. remember to employ careful blocking & muting strategies and to downvote the threats tactically

here's the gofundme link for the couple in atlanta who were stopped by police, had their car windows broken, were tazed multiple times, forced from their car, had their tires slashed, and arrested

Radicalize folks who know how to operate heavy equipment. That's how you get the kind of shit we saw in France, like cop barriers removed with bulldozers, city halls sprayed with sewage, and so on

The family of George Floyd have confirmed that this is the only legitimate fundraiser they are operating. not sure which fake ones, if any, may have been going around here earlier but this is it:

Something you can do to help:

Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, it's a bail fund and they're bailing out the freedom fighters in Minneapolis right now as well as working to protect the incarcerated from COVID-19 through organizing for de-carceration

Average bail in Minneapolis is $78 a person for trespassing and up to $2000 if there's trumped up charged. I have $108, if you have the means, try to match me, or beat me, or just give what you can

hello fellow white people. it's easy to post "fuck the police" and say "i would never call the police" and listen to millions of dead cops and think 1312 thoughts but! have you considered what you would do INSTEAD of calling the fash? no? how about a lil homework:


deescalation seminar:

12 things to do instead:

not being a bystander:

LOTS of links:

If it's going to take setting fire to the city to get the corrupt cops and fascists and white supremacists off the police force, LET IT BURN.

@ArtistMarciaX Respectability politics is just a way of testing loyalty to White Supremacy.

Formerly denouncing veggietales as political propaganda

Posting this without content warnings too so maybe more folks will see.

Hello all. I’m doing massive supply runs and food prep for protestors in Minneapolis today. If people can swing it and want to donate funds, my Venmo is @grahambeatrice, my paypal is and my cashapp is $grahambeatrice

Any amount helps and it will all be going to getting food and medical supplies and other necessary materials for people protesting the death of George Floyd

us police brutality, anti cop 

I haven't felt this violent since watching Ferguson protests


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