They actually LIED. They lied about a hiatus, they lied about not being able to get into their media. THEY LIED. I'm still speechless.

So, I got a weird feeling to check my creeper's social today, and found out that they blocked me on twitter, so we are now dark mutuals (I had them blocked eons ago.)

What's weird is that they say they locked themselves out of all media to stop creeping. Their carrd still says this.

This means they were lying. And if they now have me blocked, chances are, they were still lurking on me.


@alis I'm glad. Impeachment is unlikely to succeed (trial is conducted in the Senate and requires a 2/3 vote to convict, which is unlikely because all Senate Rs are in the cult of Trump), which is one of the reasons Pelosi et al gave for refusing to do it. My position has always been one, the impeachment inquiry is important on its own merits and two, it's the right fucking thing to do.

Honestly I'm kind of jealous of the UK bc some of their conservatives clearly have morals. Ours don't.


- The Princess Bride
- System Shock
- Final Fantasy VII
- literally anything.

Seriously can we please please please please please invest in new media rather than constantly rehashing the same old nostalgia over and over and over again?

so yeah i have a stalker online. it's still happening and i don't understand what to do at this point.

i'm far from the first person to make this observation but it's funny to me 

real life: key opens a specific door or set of doors, over and over

video james: key opens any door in the whole world, exactly once

I tried to reach out to the ex friend. During our last convo I used a name they used on ao3 which I thought was their name. Turns out it's their *deadname* and they think I deliberately did it to make them uncomfortable, when my intention was to be like "you're more than a username to me, you're a person." Now I feel so disgusting all i wanna do is slit my wrists

I saw this several years ago and honestly it makes more sense than most mainstream economics

you ever really like a show but you are so fed up with the fact that they cannot resolve a character arc to save their lives? THAT'S ME WITH JANE THE VIRGIN. OH MY GOD

just when i think the week can't get weirder, my boss is now gone.

four loko is coming back. and let me say, nothing has made me feel older than seeing people online have to google what four loko is.

4.5 more hours until session 1 for Brain Thing ;__;

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