Title: Fate & the Fall
Fandom: OW
Ships: R76
Warnings: Explicit, monster Reaper, tentacle sex

A mishap with Tracer throws Reaper & S76 back in time. One sees the opportunity to change things for the better, the other sees a way to guarantee success in a different way.

Young Gabe & Jack have to contend with a terrible future, while helping stubborn old men find reconciliation.

No one's life will ever be the same.


A sweet fashion AU I wrote for a fan event.

Title: The Threads We Weave
Fandom: Overwatch
Ships: R76
Warnings: Depression, anxiety, PTSD.

A chance encounter leads Jack on a new journey. Even with success, Jack struggles with anxiety while trying to stay the course. Thank goodness for his bestie Ana! Then he meets a gorgeous makeup artist and fellow vet, Gabriel, who may just be what the doctor ordered.


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.@clawsR76 and I are going to repopulate the entire damn tag by ourselves if we have to.

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fluffy beach vacation smut.

"I'm maybe yearning to go back to the beach because I'm thinking of Jack and Gabriel holding hands while they stroll down the boardwalk in the evening, the sea breeze tousling their hair. Getting ice cream and it dripping all over Jack's chest and Gabe leaning in to lick it off him..."

Read on Pillowfort: pillowfort.social/posts/126035
Or Dreamwidth: prettyarbitrary.dreamwidth.org

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Title: Coming Up Roses
Fandom: Overwatch
Ships: R76
Warnings: None. T for Teen

When Gabriel has a teensy mishap over at his best friend Amélie's place, he tries to make it up to her via a bouquet of flowers. Turns out the flower shop owner is one smoking hot blond.

Amélie makes it her business to ensure her disaster gay of a friend is successful at dating said florist. What ever would he do without her?


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Reminder that I was advised to age down the characters in BOOKS & BONE to children because it was too silly and light-hearted for adults.

This was, of course, nonsense.

Please write more fun, light-hearted fantasy for adults. Make it cute and sweet and funny.

Because my book is light for its content matter but it's not *that* light.

And the idea that when we become adults, we must only consume the dark and gritty is both ridiculous and sad.

Title: La Petite Mort
Fandom: Overwatch
Ships: R76
Warnings: Explicit. Bottom Jack.

Jack Morrison has never been alone, even when he's watched people around him die. Now he finally gets to meet his longtime companion... and serve him.

Inspired by Oricalcon's ridiculously hot Red Death Reaper.


Might as well start filling this place up with my fanfic! Strap in, folks!

Twitter sucks and is getting worse, so that's why I'm here. Hello, world!


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