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Commision Prices 

Full body: 3.00
Color: 4.00
Full character profile: 7.00
doodles: Free or 0.25 cents.
Poses: depends on what pose
Ocs: ranges
Two characters (full body): 6.00

Your fellow loser is back after doing nothing productive all weekend.

Me playing with my little siblings.

Suddenly I realize that I have the Paw Patrol Theme song stuck in my head.

My parents ask me what is wrong so i just make this face and they back up and look at each other like, oh god.

**US House of Representatives to move quickly to impeach Trump**

"Democrats will take up debate on an article of impeachment for 'insurrection' if Trump is not removed or does not resign."

Harry Potter was ripped off from a recurring daydream of mine about shoving a neoliberal into a cupboard under a staircase

well partly because I am talking here for a long time today, but seems this correction takes hours

bathzeit and yogazeit and continue...

sigh sigh sighidy sigh. and so i edeit my story that i posted in 2018, jezus i was a stupid little prick back then, i wrote in first person double EW. anyway yeet, ya boi is back in business baby, pleas don't mute me. 💓

So it turns out that if you get up earlier you can watch more anime

I'm currently looking for my expiration date. maybe I can be put in the Clarence bin.

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