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Since I couldn't fit all the tags in my introduction post, I figured I'd make a separate toot for them!

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Hello, everyone! I'm just your everyday fandom old who is looking to set up a new home on other platforms. I've become fed up with the anti-culture and the general nastiness that has gotten such a strong foothold on tumblr.

I've been involved in fandoms for many years and have written my fair share of terrible fanfiction during that time. Expect to hear me talk about my latest WIPs and babble about my latest obsessions

when you want to whine about lack of reviews but don't want to sound like an entitled little shit

The relief you feel when you finally update a fic lasts for all of three seconds before the anxiety of waiting to see if people think it's trash takes over

Also, i reeeeeeally want to do fanart for this story because I feel like there's so many good potential fanartsy scenes in it, especially in the last chapter, but it's stressful enough just writing the story DX

So yeah...I think I might go ahead with my idea to split this next chapter in half. Having so much going on in one chapter makes it stressful when it comes to proof reading and making the final tweaks.

heh...this next chapter is nearing 7,000 words and yet I still can't seem to wrap it up. It's already been two weeks since I last updated and I'm starting to feel guilty. I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to split this chapter. There's so much going on in this chapter and I feel like having it split in half might be better. Maybe then I can hurry up and update...

Hmm...I should probably be doing something productive with my time...

*watches Otamatone cover of Despacito*

At 6,400 words, I am now fully convinced that this chapter is just never going to get done 😀

kinda regret going off meds Show more

this fanfic i'm writing isn't a ship fic...but I want to make it a ship fic soooo bad DX

Crud, I just realized it's already been a week since I updated my fic and I still haven't finished Part 2 D: I hope the series finale doesn't premiere before I finish this thing...

shit...I want a cool header image.

I'mma just gonna try to draw something myself.

Definitely gonna be themed

Look at this adorable little shit I just love him! I really wish I had sewing skills. I really want to make him cute outfits to wear!

Curate your own fandom experience. Stop demanding people read your mind and do it for you.

Me: You know...I think I'm gonna make some popcorn and watch YouTube videos

Unfinished fanfic: *inhale* BITCH.

Add-ons are functioning again, thank goodness. I'm glad I just decided to wait it out instead of switching to a whole new browser.

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