I really am clueless about Masto , what's the difference between 'replying' and 'direct message'? I thought I was toot-replying but maybe it was DM hmm (sorry if I got it wrong @sky )

@daphneblithe @sky DM is a private message between two people that no one else can see.

@daphneblithe the globe icon (if you're in the web app) lets you change toot visibility—this affects who can see the toot, and Direct is one of the options (= only visible to mentioned)

you can send messages to people at any visibility level; a DM is just a message sent to someone with a visibility of Direct

@daphneblithe (for clarity: the icon is in the bar below the toot composer; it is a globe under default settings (signifying public) but you can change it to unlisted, followers-only or direct)

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