I really am clueless about Masto , what's the difference between 'replying' and 'direct message'? I thought I was toot-replying but maybe it was DM hmm (sorry if I got it wrong @sky )

it is like time for ALL THE CLAIMS! Shrinkyclinks fest tomorrow, FTH next Friday, CAP RBB next Saturday ALL THE C L A I M S _flails_

absolutely petty "get off my lawn" meaningless Masto grumbling lol 

@sky πŸ˜“ I will try to resist the definite article then πŸ˜‰

@viridiian aha that Wheaton detail is interesting ! thank you.

@VyrCossont AHA that is actually my fault, I am doing this from Mastodon window but didn't recognize the reply symbol :blush:

@runpunkrun πŸ˜‚ Handsome, Dismayed, yet Accessible, this is absolutely a triad of adjectives I am keen on. (WTF doesn't Hubzilla have alt-text? Hmm)

@vyr @VyrCossont I think the answer here is to think of where to meet with mutually-appealing propositions. I suggest Writhing Naked in Leaves might be a good crossover option.

@runpunkrun ooh alt text for images? Lemme try.... Here is Bucky ALSO looking Dismayed. IS THIS A DAPHNE THEME? (It may be a Daphne theme)

@runpunkrun ooh that is helpful! And also I think IMAGES work on Masto? I am gonna try one. Here is smol Steve looking Dismayed, Why Oh Why

@VyrCossont how intriguing and winsome of you! πŸ‘€ 🌳 πŸ’¦ ;)

@VyrCossont that's an awesome idea.

All my internet names have been dryad linked including this one :)

- dip me in greensand
- throw me to the dryads
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HI @runpunkrun ! I have no idea what I am doing or mastodon norms or anything πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜…

An interesting discussion about fediverse and how it might handle the particular kinds of antis who want to no-platform certain content, over at Hubzilla here:


Hello fandom.ink world :)( I am clueless and new to mastodon.

All about Stucky, angst, shrinkyclinks, and intense bitey yearning sex.

That about covers it really, yeah.

I'm also on Hubzilla at daphneblithe@fandom.stopthatimp.net


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