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White evangelicals are least likely to say U.S. should accept refugees bigthink.com/culture-religion/ via @bigthink@twitter.com cc: @doctorow@twitter.com

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Kanata no Astra ep 01 

It's 40 minutes long? Wow

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I think I accidentally kicked like a shitload of people off my followers list, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha whoops oh god

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@CaseyBHead@twitter.com @KatMurti@twitter.com @FeministLiberty@twitter.com @doctorow@twitter.com My kids, who loved school, immediately began to hate school when they hit middle/high school because of the feeling that they were in a prison. The assumption was that they were bad, and needed to be watched.

They're children. They should be there to learn. Just stop this shit.

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The widening health gap between America's rich and poor is the result of worse health for the poor, not better health for the rich

Part of my lunch trip today will be picking up some ant killer so I can sleep in my room tonight.

hmmm maybe if it hurts when I laugh, I should stop binging 30 rock and switch to evangelion

@interneteh people have been saying "Flint doesn't have clean water" for years now and in that time not only has their situation not improved, but the same thing has happened to communities (usually poor and rural but not always) all over

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I now regret smoking all of my weed because I'm overwhelmed by the amount of tidying that needs doing but now I can't even ignore it so I guess I'm just gonna sit here and feel shitty :/

longboarding in combat boots

I miss longboarding for fun instead of just transportation

Longboarding meetup with the Longboard Girls Crew Switzerland.

hey guys i’ve been silent abt this for awhile but i’m leaving this app for my mental health i can’t handle the constant level of horniness that infects this site and it’s not hourly anymore it’s spread to 24/7 i can’t stand it anymore it makes me sick u should all be ashamed of yourselves i used to be comfortable in this space but you’ve all turned to heathens i can’t stand and watch anymore it’s just not who i am
goodbye x

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