Fatphobia is not just being insulting about someone’s size but also about how much someone eats as a metaphor for insulting someone’s size. Any implication of “eating like a pig” is fatphobic. I don’t want to hear it.


Making fun of Trump about his size, body, or eating habits is fatphobic. Those traits aren’t the source of his evil anyway. Be clear about his evil and how it’s NOT related to his body or eating habits.

@diabola I kinda get they use his size as an easy way to express people's disgust with him. However, ALL OF HIM is worthy of disgust and contempt. Yes, he's bigger than any other recent president but his differences far exceed just his size.

Him being 'unhealthy' is also kind of fatphobic and it's not just his weight. He's mentally unhealthy. Socially unhealthy. All of him is bad.

Fascism, sizeism, ableism 

@assassins_queer @diabola using health (including mental health) as an argument for why trump (or any fascist) is a bad person is ableist af. (Healthism is also a thing: the idea that someone needs to be healthy to be valuable.)

Dude’s got a LONG list of flaws, and none of them have anything to do with his size, his food preferences, or his health.

Thanks for bringing up the sizeism. I’m sick and tired of people punching down like this.

Fascism, sizeism, ableism 

@ghosty @diabola Also thanks to you for mentioning the mental health ableism. In my haste and tiredness I forgot to add that on my original toot.

It's hard to punch down at Trump when so many of us were on the receiving end. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not worth it though.

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