Asia America gets super mad when other people appropriate our cultures but damn we love pretending to be white or Black.

The former is selling yourself into white supremacy (or survival, depending on context) but the latter is straight up anti-Black cultural appropriation.

It's time we face these facts.


"Hip-hop and Black culture speak to me as a person of color facing oppression by white people!"

Okay, look. I get it. White supremacy sucks. Asia America isn't broadly represented in US media. But the suffering of Black America isn't for Asia America to co-opt.

Just apply the reasoning behind why it's inappropriate for white people to appropriate Asian culture to why it's inappropriate for Asian Americans to appropriate Black American culture.

Asia America isn't even lacking on culture! Our cultures weren't LITERALLY DESTROYED AND STOLEN from us! We have so much great food, music, fashion, and festivals! We can take our customs and evolve them!

Asia American activism is more than fighting for representation but it seems like we have to grapple with this issue because there are people struggling with the lack of visibility in a VERY bad way.

The response to lack of representation and inclusion isn't to co-opt another culture but to DEMAND space for representation from the RULING CLASS (aka white people).

"I'm showing appreciation!!"

No, you're not. Stop it.

"But what about cultural exchange?"

If you don't have a group of Black friends, it's not.

I suspect that Asia America has a problem with accepting our cultures due to the Perpetual Foreigner racist trope and the insecurity from being diaspora.

I get it. I've struggled with those feelings, too.

Asia America constantly has white supremacy tell us that we don't belong AND Asia tell us that we're not authentic enough. It's a really fucked up place to be.

But again, Asia America already has so much to offer, to other people and to ourselves. We have to build our cultural foundations, instead of longing for other cultures that we don't belong to or don't accept us.

Building our identities, cultures, and confidence is hard. But it's the only way out of this white supremacist anti-Black mess Asia America is in right now.

We have to save ourselves. There is no other way.

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