The Rational Life is a surprisingly good drama.

Non-binary men and non-binary women are still non-binary.

From the NAACP Mystic Valley Area Branch: Call for the Malden City Councilor Jadeane Sica’s resignation for wearing an “ethnically Asian” costume while in office:

I totally get it when cis women want to be like "transmisogyny hurts ALL women" but it primarily hurts trans women. Let's be real.

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Nonbinary women and men are real and are still very much nonbinary people, too.

Genders can be partial, mixed together, absent, and more, and those genders can include "man" or "woman."

A nonbinary woman is a nonbinary person somehow related to womanhood and vice versa. A nonbinary man is a nonbinary person somehow related to manhood and vice versa.

Nonbinary-ness can take so many forms, which is a fact that is fascinating and worthy of celebration.

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The 90s are back but this time I know how to dress for it.

Every single het wedding movie would have been made better if it ended with a lesbian relationship.

Whoever doesn't think there's white culture has never looked at engagement Christmas tree ornaments.

Step 1: ???
Step 2: Bacon
Step 3: Profit!

@ljwrites Plantations in New England have a broader meaning but this particular one was the location of the Pilgrim's landing and there is some sordid history there.

If you want to give this holiday season, please consider helping to keep a friend of mine alive during a Boston winter. Everyone deserves a chance to survive. Please click the link and read more about Anthony's situation. Share and donate!


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Bless stores that are not open today because workers get a day off but I am at a loss to find sugar substitutes due to my lack of planning.

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