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About 6 years ago, I gained a lot of weight rapidly, to the point where I changed clothing sizes drastically.

At first, I checked to see if something else about my body has changed but now I have come to accept my body as it is and there is nothing wrong with being this size.

FFS I need pants that fit my thighs AND waist. Please have a wider range of fit models.

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Petition to make pants for people with hourglass figures.

So last night was the first session of a new D&D campaign that I’m playing. Surprisingly (or not), we players went after a totally random event and ignored the actual plot.

I just said I’m almost 40. This is true. But ah.


Coming to a 40-hour work week from academia rearranges your priorities mainly because you’re only working 40 hours a week.

I dashed out the door and forgot to wear a mask. A lovely kind dude on the bus gave me one of his from his backpack. Shoutout to that dude and also thinking about keeping a bag of masks in my bag now.

Harvard Medical School is holding a day conference on race and ethnicity in diagnostics and algorithms on Sept 14.

I now live off coffee and it’s all’s fault.

Horny anime dudes are once again ruining enjoyment for everyone else.

There's a reason why trying to Lysistrata your civil rights only appears in fiction.

IMO the pathos driving the "villain" arc was a little light but Tony Leung brought EVERYTHING to it. I almost want a redemption arc (but I know that's not gonna happen).

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For a movie about Chinese American intergenerational family trauma, it was actually LIGHT on the trauma. But there was just enough for people like me to grasp and understand the scope of what they chose not to show explicitly on screen.

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I just felt almost the entire fullness of my cultures on screen. I am Taiwanese, not Chinese but there is enough language and cultural overlap for me to feel like I understood just about every joke and reference.

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The next morning and I am still moved by . I was a very Chinese, American, and Chinese American movie at the same time. There was so much depth if you are bilingual/bicultural. I didn't "feel seen" but felt the possibilities of good multicultural media.

is a good movie because it had an emotional heart. Tony Leung totally stole the show.

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