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On one of the new Orange Line trains. Most notably, it is not on fire.

Good health does not reflect the goodness of a person. Send tweet.

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Look, I get it. No one wants to be unhealthy. But the idea that good people would be healthy is absolutely false and casts an oppressive shadow on people with poor heath.

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Just listened to a podcast that talked about BMI, fat, and health. It was mostly okay, except for the part where there was the underlying assumption that being healthy is a moral good.

I want all the older dudes who date much younger women and think they can tell a lady’s age to understand that I (as an experiment) told such dudes that I was 27 for 3 years during my early 30s and no one could tell.

FOLLOW-UP: I think my new bra has greatly relieved my back pain?!?!

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Handling dry ice for work has ruined my nails!!!

The satisfying feeling of a brand new bra that actually fits.

It has gotten to the point where if someone calls me a woman, I feel slightly uncomfortable.

Did anyone else almost staple their glove to the sample today? Just me?

Who needs reality TV when you got Twitter.

My goal is to get a bunch of flannel shirts and then wear them all and look super cute.

I posted this and realized that I could just eat cheese.

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I miss cheese crackers. Someone make low-carb cheese crackers please.

I’m having low-carb ramen tonight and I AM SO EXCITE.

My Spotify blend playlist with has Slayer right after Liszt. The answer to your question is that we listen to both.

You’d be surprised at how often women’s pants don’t have functional pockets.

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Since I can’t wear dresses at work (functionally), my new thing is pants with pockets.

Also, there is nothing wrong with being fat even if my health was affected or not.

My body is fine as it is. It's okay.

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