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So I started a fandom meta newsletter! I’m gathering links for the first issue. If you’ve seen a recent (in the last month) interesting discussion about fandom, fanfic, fanart, etc. on any platform (Twitter, Pillowfort, Tumblr, LJ/DW) please send them over to me. 🎉

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Hello mastodon people! I'm Doc, 30-something librarian in SoCal. Same username on Dreamwidth/Twitter, if you'd like to visit or follow me there.

What are good ways to monetize a (individually-run) blog/website without annoying or alienating readers? For me, I hate ads but I tend not to care about affiliate links unless I think they're lying about recommending something just for the $$. Premium memberships can be okay, also selling books/classes/etc. What else?

Initial scanning complete! Ty top loading scanner, ilu. Time to do quality checking & editing. Fingers crossed I didn't flip or skip any pages!

File size is 142MB lmao

Have also spent several hours cannibalizing my Professional Genealogy (text)book to scan & digitize into a PDF (& eventual ePub?). So ridiculous that it's not already available as an ebook! It's 600+ pages & hardcover, how am I meant to carry that around & read??

Am feeling very BLEH about things this weekend & idk why. I'm rereading a favorite book to try and shake off the doldrums

So somehow instead of backing away from social media like I originally wanted to at the start of the year, I have...added myself to even more??? Starting a meta newsletter backfired a bit

Bad headache almost all day yesterday and a tiny baby one today that could build into a big one if I don't take it easy; I called in sick to work. 💀

This is exactly the kind of thread that needs to be a blog post instead, anyway here you go:

"I don't want to be doom and gloom, but Patreon is about to eat itself. Or, more specifically, the investors who demand geometric growth are about to demand Patreon eat itself."

It's going be be 39* sometime between midnight and 6am and I am NOT READY. My fragile Californian blood cannot HANDLE THIS ☃️ 💀 ☃️

Y'all remember pixel art? Like emojis, but cuter? I would really like to find some to decorate my site/journal with. Anybody know of good sources that aren't just stolen collections from Japanese sites *coughTumblrcough*

"A BOFQ is a jaded, martini-swilling cynic who has seen it all. She might say something like "Get offa my lawn" on occasion, and will tend to be both familiar with and tired of common and recurrent arguments."

Found this on Twitter! The Surfrajettes - Toxic aka I am READY for a surf rock RENAISSANCE yes plz 🏄‍♀️


It's raining, I'm under a heated blanket, there's a woodworking show on PBS-- I'm so relaxed I'm about to pass out

(I keep saying "we" but it is still JUST ME running this thing. It just sounds better when it's not all "I did this, I did that" idk)

Holy shit, yesterday the newsletter was at 588 subscribers (as detailed in the latest issue: and this morning we're at 620!!

Today is a day for listing crap on eBay! (My side business, lol.) I have tons of postcards, pamphlets, books & doodads to put up. 👍🏼

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Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.


Am scrolling thru Latest Things on DW trying to find meta for newsletter. Somebody made a python script to upload a markdown text file into their DW entry. DW already HAS markdown capabilities from within the post editor? Should I let this stranger know or Just Move On

Yessss, the D&D starter kits came in! Target had them at a crazy discount of $12, so I got two. Now I just need to find one or two shorter campaigns to print out, & my teen D&D program will be ready to go!

I found a new vidding newsletter! Still getting set up, but how exciting!

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